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Hello Azaghal, I hope you enjoy your stay. Just take a look around and browse through the old threads. They are lovely! Feel free to ask my something. And of course you can send a PM to one of the Council members(moderators) if you have a problem. Or if you just need to talk! The council members are: Taz(he is the webmaster of this wonderful place), Leelee, Amarie, Rednell or Valedhelgwath. They all are very kind. Feel free to post where ever you want. And just enjoy you stay. I hope you like it here. Namarie, Arwen (the little elf) :-) p.s. If you just want to talk send me a PM and I will listen and talk to you ;-)
Hope you like this place even if you like it half as much as I do!!! Yes I said something on the chat. But it doesn't matter you didn't answer. The chat doean't always work good!!!

Welcome to our humble home. Hope you have a great stay, see ya around.

I too must apologise, Arwen, when i logged on your name was in the box on the lower right of the screen, when i double clicked it vanished! Oops! Didn't mean to be rude, I will eventually figure out how it works!blush

Welcome friend.  Have fun and post!

Hello Loeryn. That chat thing doesn't always work. So it's not your fault. I have the same problem. Most of the time it's because I say something and than go offline, if someone wants to read it and clicks on it it disappears because I'm offline. Welcome!

Namarie Loeryn. Little Arwen is correct, I rarely can read the messages on the chat thingy, they just disappear like a magic act. I cannot figure out what I might be doing wrong. Oh well.

Dear Leelee, you aren't doing anything wrong. It's just the chat. And not your computer(or maybe both, but I have the same problem) Tarrent is just very very busy so he just has no time to update. And to login as much ad he would like. But I'm sure he will take a look to that chat thingy as soon as he has enought time. So...for everyone who says something on the chat but I don't answer. Just send me a PM. Because I may not have read your chat message. I think it's the same with Leelee. I'm almost sure it doesn't matter for her if you send her a PM.

Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Azaghal. I am sure from what you have written in your introduction, you will love it here. You sound very similar to myself, right down to the collection of swords and weaponry. It is a little quieter here than it used to be 12 years ago, but on the plus side, there are 12 year's worth of posts for you to delve into. Please feel free to resurrect any old ones that pique your interest.

And don't worry too much about the chat - it is as Arwen mentioned, very buggy at present.


Welcome to PT  Hope you have lots of fun here

Welcome Azaghal! I am Elbereth and I see that even if you are a recent member, you have created some threads, that's good!

Enjoy your time here in PT, I am sure you will have fun and learn many details.

By the way, no one will dare to face you with such an amount of weapons.. hahaha.

Welcome Azaghal, you are a happy addition to our family. May the time you spend here be all that you wished for.

MELLON! Is this a dream, wishful thinking? Or has my very very first friend on this site come back to us, if only for a while. How often these days do my thoughts run back to my first message from you. Every word was powerful and meaningful to me and I just knew you were a person I wanted to know all of my life. hugs.

Leelee dearest .it's Mellon

Being around here with my PT family always makes med happy .

I wish you all a wonderful day  Lots of hugs and kisses from me in Norway

Well done. I like it. It's short but it's well written.

MELLON! my very first and dearest of friends, I am in tears. How are you , you absolutely gorgeous girl. Before my face book was hacked, I always had the joy of seeing your beautiful face in my box when I logged on, and Thorin's and others. How I miss you. I hope your daughter is well and happy. hugs, love forever.

 Heya dear Leelee

I'm still alive and kicking Smile Smilie My family are doing just fine .my son is moving to dear old London next year .and all of our 3 daughters are doing wonderful at school .This is perhaps not the thread sending you lot of love so I'll send you a message instead .hugs and kisses from Norway