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Hi everyone! I joined the Planet-Tolkien forum today! My name is Gaudi. I'm 24 and I live in the Netherlands. I'm a second year student of Celtic Languages and Culture. I've read the Lord of The Rings trilogy and the Hobbit after the first LOTR-movie came out. I absolutely love all the books. I'd still like to read the Silmarillion. If you have any questions... feel free to ask them!
Hail Navaera and Welcome! Definatly read the Sil. It's a must for any fan of Tolkien. We all enjoy reading the thoughts and feelings of the new generation regarding Tolkien. Brego.

Hello Gaudi,

Hello and welcome. Nice to meet you. I'm from the Netherlands too. I'm 13 ;-) I hope you enjoy your stay. If you have any questions just ask. And there will always answer someone. :-) If you want to talk, just send me a PM. Hope you like this place.


Arwen, *the little elf*

Ah Lady Arwen you are definitely adorable.

Gaudi, salut and welcome. You have already great understanding and that is great for the rest of us. Explore the current but also the older threads and you will be greatly entertained and get the sense and feel of this beautiful place.

Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Navaera. I am sure your stay will be enjoyable. If you need any help, just ask.

Hey there Welcome to PT Navaera

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