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I am a Cossack, since I am a real descendant of Zaporozhye cossacks. And I must be crazy to register here with my poor English. But I am a huge Tolkien fan. I am 36, live in Kharkov, make a living as a documentary screenwrite. I am the Roman Catholic, as Professor was, and it was Professor who converted me. And I take it seriously. I am Russian-speaking Ukrainian citizen and patriot. Take it or leave it. I have kids, son and daughter, 17 and 15. I like reading and very much interested in good fanfics Smile Smilie.

Well welcome to the page cossak. I hope you have a good time around here. Sounds like the professor had a big impact on you, that's good. Actually your english is good don't worry about it. Any way welcome look around the page post where you file like posting and have a good time Smile Smilie

feel* (lol sorry)

Welcome Cossack!

Enjoy your time here in PT. Don't worry about your English, mine is not that good either but here we have a good chance to improve it by reading beautiful interesting threads and also giving our opinion.

I hope I can read some post of yours soon. Smile Smilie

Welcome. You are as eligible to be on this site as anyone and I am sure your contributions will be happily received.

Welcome to planet-tolkien, the website where the members are like one big lovely family. Feel free to post things and make threads. I'm also not very good at Engish so... We are all smart enough to understand each other, even without many words! If you have any questions just aks. We are always here to help. Hope you enjoy your stay.


Arwen *The little elf*

Welcome, Cossack! There is always a place for another friend here, and one perfect for you. Post wherever and whenever you feel it right, and enjoy your stay here with us. And like Beredras said, your English is very good, so just post, and don't worry. If you have any questions, be sure to ask the council members, or me or anyone. Every time I see a new member I smile. Have fun with the threads!

Welcome to PT Cossack  Share and Enjoy