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Hello,I first read the trilogy in about 1977,and have read it maybe twenty times since.I am 54,male and live in Ohio,USA.I prefer books to movies.I have obviously also read The Hobbit many times as well as The Silmarillion ,also some of the History of Middle Earth books.Reading these books certainly changed my life,as they have for so many others.They also inspired a lot of art at one time,especially the first age,I found more room for expression,as less was "shown"to me by the text.
Hello and welcome. I'm sure you're going to like this place.
Feel free to post something. There are many interesting threads.

If you have any questions about Planet-tolkien or if you have a problem just ask me or another council member(the council members are the moderators of this forum,you can recognize them by the little thingy at the bottom of their avatar which says "council member"

Enjoy your stay



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