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Greetings everyone. I am Elena the Elf and my avitar is really me. I am a soprano singer and love fantasy. I mix the two on occasion and sing the epic songs of my favorite movies. I am also a be reader and love fantasy books.

Howdy, welcome to PT.

Hello and welcome Elena.

I hope you enjoy your stay.
I'm Arwen. I'm one of the council members(moderators) here. If you have any questions, just ask! And if you want to talk, just send me a message. Or talk to me in the chat when I'm online. Wink Smilie




Welcome Elena Smile Smilie Where are you from?

Being welcomed by Taz. How specialSmile Smilie Welcome againSmile Smilie

Ohhh, Taz our hero. How glad I'm to see your cute avatar back at my screen! Our KingSmile Smilie

*hugs Arwen*

Ahwww so sweet. *hugs* you too. *smiles* I couldn't come to London this year. But I really want to come next year. *hugs Taz*

Hi everyone.

Taz, I'm from Georgia in the US.

I will be in Switzerland to give a concert on the 22nd. Here's some info on that.

Thank you for the offer Arwen. 

Greetings Elena,

You'll love this forum. The people are very cool and sweet, like Arwen, who is not only an elf, she's a bit of an angel too.  There're lots of cool threads to adventure through.

Have a great time in Switzerland, where you'll find a country of beautiful epic scenery.  With a little luck, you'll stumble upon a few Hobbits or someone from my clan of dwarves.

How good to see you here again Bingo. Wink Smilie Thank you for your kind words. *smile* Everytime I'm online in the chat your name seems to disappear. Sad Smilie

I know, Arwen.  I'm always movin' about.  Can't catch me here, can't catch me there.  Always running in circles, I am.  Lots of Dwarf business to attend to.  Bingo me name.  Dwarf mischief, me game.  Off we go...

Welcome to PT Elena the Elf

I love your avatar   Please Share and Enjoy

Hugs from Norway


Welcome to PT Elena. Hope you have a long and fruitful stay here.