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Hello everyone. While new to Planet Tolkien I'm new neither to the works of J.R.R. Tolkien nor to conversing with people online about Tolkien. In fact, many years ago I ran the web site and its small but vibrant forum. It's been several years but now I've decided to get back involved in talking about Tolkien's works online.

Unrelated to Tolkien I live in Seattle, Washington, USA, with my two dogs and one cat. I work for Apple, do a lot of reading, and have recently begun studying medieval Italian swordsmanship. I'm also a fair photographer. I also love history and carpentry, though the latter takes more time and space than I've had time for lately. I'm looking forward to talking with you all.

Welcome Elwe, I hope you will enjoy your stay. Feel free to post where ever you want. And feel free to ask anything. Smile Smilie


Italian medieval swordsmanship? Now THAT would be interesting. What can you tell me about it? What aspects of its style anything makes it different from other styles of swordsmanship? Is it more like fencing or broadsword fighting?



Welcome to PT Elwë singollo


Share and Enjoy Smile Smilie

We look forward to talking to you too, Elwe. Have a great time here!