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Greetings and well met my fellow Tolkien fans. I am Wayne (aka, Durin the Deathless). My fascination with Tolkien spans far back and he is the inspiration for many of my own stories. I watch Lord of the Rings weekly, all three movies, I read the books weekly as well and I can answer almost any question put forth to me. I eagerly await conversing with you. My halls remain ever open!
Hello and welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay. If you have any questions, just ask. Feel free to post what and where ever you want.


Arwen *the little elf*
Greetings, Durin. Have a great stay!

Thank you both. I am sure i will adapt well here. I am very openminded and (I hope) easy to get along with. Smile Smilie

Hello my name is Tracy AKA Soora. I recently joined PT. I stumbled on this site while reading up on The Hobbit movie. Great to spend time with people who know so much about Tolkien and Middle Earth. I look forward to learning a lot from everyone. I work in a call centre in Fiji for an airline. Lots of night shifts. I like cats and the Atlantic and Table mountain in Cape Town.I discovered LOTR in university and it has remained one of my favourite to read again and again and again...Every time I visit middle earth, a different character becomes my favourite. The first time I read Lord of the Rings, my favourite was Aragorn and now lately it is Eowyn.

Hello to everyone, especially all the newbies.

Welcome to PT both Soora and Durin Smile Smilie Share and Enjoy

I've already welcomed you Durin but Soora I haven't. So, Soora, have a great stay in this wonderful site. Share and enjoy!

Thanks everyone for the welcome.