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Thread: New dwarf on the block.

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Hello friends! My name is Belegror and im a dwarf. ("Helloooo Belegror). I've been a huge fan of Tolkien and his work for many years.I have especially enjoyed the Silmarillion - I have lost count on how many times, I have read that book. In real life, im at a teacher's college, learning how to make children love Tolkien like I do Wink Smilie Like a lot of other people, my interest in Tolkien and his universe has only grown since the Hobbit was released and I thought I would search the net for forums with people who enjoy his world like I do; and here I am! Well, nothing much else to say. Im off to the Silmarillion forum! - Belegror
Helloooo Belegror
Greetings, Belegror. Have a great stay!

Welcome to this wonderful place. Enjoy your stay.

And if you have any questions, just ask!

Welcome to PT Belegror Smile Smilie Share and Enjoy