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Hello, random people i have never met!

My name's Asëa, an i'm the new elf residing in Rivendell. I have been a huge fan of Tolkien for a looonnnngg time- (AKA 13 years, i'm not that old), and a friend of mine reccomended this site to me;

I had been despairing over finding any other people my age that love Tolkien as i do- my friends roll their eyes and/or simply ignore me when i bring up Tolkien or anything remotely Tolkien related. I have absolutely no idea what to do now that I've made an account, though i am interested in this Role Playing. can anyone help?   Thanks! (assuming anyone replies)

- Asëa (and NO, i am NOT a plant!)

Welcome, Asea. Enjoy your stay. If you have any questions ask any of the council memebers. I am not one btw. I hope you find this site enjoyable.

Welcome Asëa (who is NOT a plant!)

I've just joined too. Try and visit the rpg forums, you might find something interesting Smile Smilie

Safe travels

- Bel

Welcome to PT Asëa 

Welcome Asea (sorry I can't get the dots on it, I will edit it later)

As Beredras mentioned, if you have a question ask one of the council members(the moderators at this wonderful place). The moderators are the members with this little thingy at the bottom of their avatars which says "Council Member".(So this are Valedhelgwath, Taz, Rednell, Amarie and Loss and I'm one as well.(Oh, I wanted to mention Leelee as well, but.....)

I hope you enjoy your stay.


Arwen *the little elf*
Welcome my precious. Enjoy your stay!