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Hello everybody! I'm francy.eowyn. I started reading "The Hobbit" and I liked it very much!! Smile Smilie And I've also seen the movie. So I decided to read LOTR too and to watch the movies. I really really like it!! Big Smile Smilie My favorite characters are Merry and Pippin Big Smile Smilie I really hope to can ask you my doubts here and talk with you Big Smile Smilie

Welcome! Please feel free to ask any question at all, hypothetical or not. Everybody here loves to just talk Tolkien.

I also read The Hobbit first when I was about 9 years old and I really enjoyed the movie. Not horribly accurate, but still fun to watch. Glad to hear it's drawing in more fans to appreciate the one and only Professor Tolkien! Hope you enjoy your time here at PT and I look forward to your input!

Welcome to Planet Tolkien Franci.eowyn  

WelcomeSmile SmilieEnjoy your stay.

In the chat you asked me what Journal entries are, here a quote from the help file.(which you can find under "account", "help")

What are Journal Entries? This section allows you to keep your own journal, in which you can enter your own thoughts that you would like to share with other members.’If you are quoting song lyrics, poetry or any portion of a work written by someone other then yourself, you must give accreditation to the true author. This section also allows you to read other people’s journals too. You can do this by either by typing in the nickname of the member whose journal you would like to read or by viewing the 15 most recently submitted entries from the menu to the right.’ Please note, however, that Planet-Tolkien is a family site so journal entries should be PG rated to the same standards as our Message Board and the Council may edit or delete flagrant violations.

Hope this was useful.Wink Smilie

Thank you very much! blush

Welcome Franci.eowyn, to Planet Tolkien. Don't be shy about asking questions or starting conversations. Everyone here is genuine and true in their love of Tolkien, and is wonderful company, if I may say so myself. I hope your stay is both long and enjoyable. I'm glad that you decided to delve deeper into the works of Tolkien after reading and watching the Hobbit.

I still haven't seen the Hobbit movie, but read the book for the first time at age 8. My family recently was traveling, and I had a choice for movies: go to see The Hobbit, or go to see Les Miserables, and I went to Les Mis, because I knew that the Hobbit would be playing in my hometown, whereas Les Mis may not. My mother promised to take me to The Hobbit soon, though, so I can't wait.

If you ever see me in chat, Franci.eowyn, feel free to speak up and say hello, and as you probably have already seen, the council members are all wonderful people and will be eager to help if you have any questions.

Be well,