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Hi all, I haven't formally introduced myself yet so please allow me. My name is Lee, and Almighty_gir is my online pseudonym. Unfortunately due to the nature of my work i had to keep that name on this forum, and the reason shall become apparent shortly. I'm a character artist working in the games industry, i have work tied to my name from all over the place. I signed up to this forum with the hopes of gathering some feedback on a project some friends and i are working on (and so far we've gotten some great feedback). Posting that work under a different name here could potentially cause confusion that i'd wish to avoid with current and future clients who could question the authenticity of my work. Anyway! For those who are interested, my friends and i are looking to recreate a scene from the Silmarillion in the form of an in-game cinematic sequence. The kind and quality you'd be likely to see in a ps3 or xbox 360 game. So if anyone is interested in seeing what we're up to, the appropriate thread is here:,-need-feedback Cheers guys! Seems like a fantastic community so far! Lee.