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Hey! pleased to meet you all! Smile Smilie greetings from the Middle-Earth DEM Project- we're a non-commerical project with the aims to build a 3D Middle-Earth. We've just released a demo so I thought I'd give you the heads-up if you good folk wanted to try it out and have some fun. The demo consists of a FREE interactive Middle-Earth world viewer as seen in the linked video. Video ------------------- Instructions 1. Download and install the FREE Anteworld demo; the Outerra planet renderer. Anteworld!nBMznISQ!UZjmimI4UFcy01Eob1SXDkN5sGldSjune7dW8HWK7_s (Mega) (Gamefront) (Google Drive) Then... 2. Download and install the FREE ME-DEM dataset. ME-DEM Dataset-1.0.exe (Mega)!eIUGzIzb!JlqmnViamoVvg264039tcFtAYPV1dkBZeQEmKJh_byc ME-DEM Dataset-1.0.exe (Google Drive) At the login screen, select the Middle-Earth (medem) demo from the menu. It's that easy. ----------------------- At the moment we're using the vanilla Outerra Earth enviroment and textures. Hence the snow in Mordor! eek! :-D Outerra Biomes are currently in development. That will introduce a complete array of ecosystems for the planet, both textures and vegetation. If you want to take a further look- ME-DEM: Best Regards and may the road go ever on, monks