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Hi all, it's good to be here! I love both Tolkien and Lewis and actually found this forum searching for a Lewis forum.

Hello. Welcome to this wonderful place. I hope you will enjoy your stay. Wink Smilie If you have any questions just ask!

Yes welcome to PT!

Though Tolkien came first, I also grew up with CS Lewis close to my heart. It wasn't until middle school or something that I learned they were friends! So I knew it was meant to be.

I need to re-read some Lewis, it's been awhile. But anyways welcome! And don't be afraid to ask questions or discuss a topic! Anything goes at PT, hypothetical or factual.

Hi, I'm new too! Tolkien and Lewis are two of my favorite authors.
Yes welcome Holy. I look forward to your posts. Don't be scared to comment on old posts from the Forum Library.

Welcome both Imagesbyholly and Galandir of Lothlorien


Share and Enjoy Smile Smilie Hope to see both of you in different threads Smile Smilie


Hugs from Norway

Welcome, Imagesbyholly and Galandir! I, too, love Lewis. I sometimes (used to be often) read the Narnia books aloud to my younger siblings. But more often than not I nowadays have to say, "No, I can't read the Magician's Nephew again, I have too much homework!" The Magician's Nephew is their favorite.

I hope you enjoy the company here at PT! Feel free post anywhere, share, ask questions, whenever. And don't be shy if you need assistance with something, but if you need help with a computer problem, I'm probably not the one to ask.

I love seeing new faces (or know what I mean) at PT, and I hope you find the site enjoyable.