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Just wanted to drop a short note to say hello. I am a huge fan of CS Lewis and Tolkien. After having read most of CS Lewis works, my husband bought me LoTR trilogy, the Hobbit, The Children of Hurin, and Silmarillion for my birthday. My first reaction after reading the Silmarillion was to go to Amazon and buy the Middle Earth series. I am hooked. I have long read all of you in the forums and feel like I know you. Just wanted to say hello.

Welcome Aylee! Glad you could join us!! Feel free to discuss anything Tolkien, hypothetical or factual, we love it all! And also don't be afraid to resurrect an old thread if you find something interesting you want to discuss. Most importantly, have fun!!

Welcome to this wonderful website. As Balrogs said: "have fun"! I'm sure you will make good friends here! If you have any questions, just ask me!

I'm Arwen. I'm a 13 years Dutch girl. I love Tolkien. I like to talk, so I hope to meet you in the chat. And I'm one of the council members(moderators) here. So if you have any problems on the forum of with the website, please tell me. Wink Smilie


Arwen *the little elf*