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I just joined. I LOVE LOTR. I have watched it so many times i have it memorizedSmile Smilie I love to swim and dance. Glad to be here!!
Welcome Rwen. Enjoy your stay. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Hail, Rwen!! As well as all of his written works I'm a HUGE fan of both the LOTR trilogy and The Hobbit. Both are so much fun to watch and both just beautifully create that feeling of Middle Earth. From sight to sound...just never gets old!

And don't be afraid to post whatever's on your mind. Unlike most forums, anything you say is welcome and treated with respect on Planet Tolkien. Seriously. It's great.

And most importantly just have fun learning about the Professor. I read this forum daily and still learn something new every time.

Welcome Rwen 

Just joined very excited to be part of the community. Huge fan of all things tolkien, especially LOTR. Look forward to contributing!

Welcome to you as well J!!!

Please post any of your Tolkien thoughts. Every thread turns into a great discussion!

Welcome! Share and enjoy!