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Did anyone notice that in the Two Towers there was a mistake in the filming. When Eomer is leaving Aragorn and Legolas and Gimli, When they were asking about Merry and Pippin, Eomer climbs up onto his horse, his sword is hanging on the side of the horse, it flips upside down and falls out! And Eomer just rides off.. I still love LOTRSmile Smilie
Ahh Wren, he is also wearing a watch!!


I did not notice that Brego.. And i watch them every night lol

You watch them every night! No pun intended, I'm sure.


I actually never noticed the sword in the millions of times I watched it, but I saw the Youtube video of it before. Absolutely brilliant.

Brego I'm probably blind but I can't see the watch? Is it in the same scene or another with him?

Got you both! Haha

There is however a blooper I've seen. When Gandalf is walking into Meduseld with Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli he is meant to be hiding his staff from sight. As the scene proceeds between cuts Gandalf's staff magically appears and disappears from sight.

Are you sure??Smile Smilie  But i think ive heard that before from another dedicated LOTR fan..

Well, technically you didn't get me because I didn't believe you....I just covered up my disbelief with a question in as friendly a tone as possible    But it is reassuring to know I'm not losing my eye sight.


Good call on the staff though.

here it is guys!!

i saw the sword fall before!! can you belive people get paid to "check" these films 

the staff doesn't  vanish you can see it hes holding it horizontal and in the next bit its upright again,


[Edit: We don't allow the posting of links to other websites. For more information please read the website rules. If you still want to see this video, just search ''eomer's sword falls out'' for the first video. And ''the mansion of meduseld'' for the second one.(On youtube!) ]

Yup continuity is a bitch.

Why do they hire people to check their film, When they could do it themselves for no cost? Makes no sense...

i'd do it for free Wink Smilie

With the Eomer scene, the sword fell down that's why you see look down a second. I give him props for not stopping with scene.

Rhen every film ever made have continuity errors and bloopers, I think its human nature.  A lot they pick up in editing.  The editors watch scenes over and over again and still sometimes errors slip through.

Apparently there was a scene, which right up until almost release day had a white car clearly visible driving down a mountain road in the background.  How funny would that be!

Here's one I read about and confirmed, in the scene where Gimli hits the ring with his axe. His axe clearly shatters to pieces around the ring and are shown on the table. But then the camera pans out and shows a long view shot of the council, and the shards are suddenly gone. But THEN, it goes back to the ring, and the shards are still there.

Ooooh, magic!

I watched the movies so many times and I never found any bloopers. Except one - in a extended version of Fellowship of the Rings, when Aragorn and the hobbits are travelling through swamps with a lot of mosquitos, Sam falls down and you can see Sean Astin's silicone 'hobbit foot' sliding down from his heel. I might need to check if it is the right scene though. I never searched for mistakes, but as Brego said - it is a human nature, and the movies were such a huge project, that it would be impossible to catch everything.

Apparently there was a scene, which right up until almost release day had a white car clearly visible driving down a mountain road in the background.  How funny would that be!

Hahaha! It reminded me of some bloopers where on top of Caradrhas Boromir is preparing himself to say his 'we suffer so much over something so small' line when in the background appears a helicopter! One of my favourite scenes from "making of"! Smile Smilie

Another is the same swamp scene. Aragorn hits camera.

Another is the same swamp scene. Aragorn hits camera.

Really? blush By the way: "Aragorn hits camera" is such a strange sentence, isn't it?

In the two towers when Gandalf tells Aragorn that he will come on the fifth sun rise, Aragorn says "okay" like a guy from today.  It's so funny!

I've seen k=lots of mistakes in the movies, though they are AMAZING.

I have noticed in the FOTR that when Bilbo says "best weed in the Southfarthing," Gandalf looks like he is disgusted, and makes that "booosh" sound like he is fed up with Hobbits. I-im so Confused!!!!!!! Why is Gandalf mad?! And then they blow smoke rings..

Wow, LOTR has a lot of moments where they must have cut something out, because face-expressions change, and one character may be in one area, then they'll be two feet away...... Anyways.....

So like, you can soooo tell the size dubs. I am so thrown off by how one minute they look like plasic (Cuz dubbers had to wear masks) and then you see real acters. Like The Grey Havens for example. You see them far off, dubbers, then you see close ups. I'm dumbfounded. Personally, before they put on the masks, I though the dubbers looked like the acters a little (I saw a video of that) and then after they look kinda......strange. Maybe it's just me.