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I stumbled upon this site on... Stumble Upon :P . I'm a 33 year old guy from Melbourne, Australia. When it comes to Tolkien-related stuff ... I've read The Hobbit. I love it. Although I'm a fan of Peter Jackson, I was disappointed when I heard he was directing The Hobbit. Simply because the book is on a much smaller scale than LOTR. Jackson's gone and made another trilogy! I've seen Fellowship Of The Ring. I've played small parts of some of the games, mainly TTT and ROTK for the Playstation 2, both of which are excellent. I have not read Lord Of The Rings. It's very intimidating :P. All that carrying on over a ring that has no impact at all in the Hobbit story! I have no doubts, however, that LOTR is a rewarding read.

Welcome to PT Glinus hoignar. I hope you'll enjoy your stay. Wink Smilie

I'm Arwen, I'm one of the moderators of this website. So, if you have any questions, just ask.

Good morning...well, it is morning here in Phoenix, Az.  I smiled when I read your post.  I know what you mean.  I had only read the Hobbit as well.  However, my husband bought me Lord of the Rings for my birthday along with the Silmarillion and the Children of Hurin. I really was not sure how interested I would be in them.  So, I found a You Tube site where a gentleman read The Fellowship of the Ring online, I thought I would listen to it while I leveled my Priest in World of Warcraft, just to see if it would grab me.  It was fantastic!  I immediately put WoW away and read the trilogy.

I was even less enthusiastic about the Silmarillion.  I knew it was a book about elves being at war with a dark power regarding a jewel, but could not picture myself being interested in a whole book about elves.  Well, I set aside my preconceived notions and read it too.  So glad I did, it is now my favorite book of all time!  I loved it so much, that I immediately ordered the rest of the Middle Earth series and read them all too!  They really are amazing books.  My only regret is not having read the series sooner, I could have named my Priest after Finrod.  I am thinking a name change may be in order here.

This is my very long winded way of saying, that I think if you read the books you will love them.  If you have any questions while reading them, these are the people to ask.  They know more about Middle Earth than anyone in the world and they are so friendly.  Welcome!

Another welcome Gilnus! Completely understandable shying away from the LOTR books. Tolkien is very, um, specific in his writing style and some can find it a bit...overwhelming. I read the Hobbit when I was young and loved it but couldn't get into LOTR until much later. And at this point I have given up on hoping movies will be like books and just enjoy them for what they are now. The way I see it, as long as I "feel" like I'm in Middle Earth or wherever it may be, I'll enjoy watching it. But the more accurate the better!

Oh and Aylee, one thing I learned is 99.99% of Tolkien related names are taken in WoW. Unless you start your character on a fresh server or use weird symbols/misspellings!! Trust me, I've tried.

Come to think of it Balrogs, I have seen Fingolfin running around on the Kil'Jaeden server!  I have always been secretly jealous that he got that name!

I also dueled Legolas the Night Elf hunter on Durotan.  Can you believe that?  A Night Elf.  At leas Fingolfin was horde!  And there is no way that I believe you play Alliance Balrogs!

Heya Glinus hoignar 

Welcome to PT Smile Smilie Share and Enjoy 

Hey Aylee where'd you get the impression I'd play Alliance? Admittedly my VERY first character back in 1.1 was a night elf, but I only got them to Loch Modan and realized I hated Alliance. Played Horde for many years after until I stopped when I reached 85 in Cataclysm. At this point I'm a little WoW'd out. It's almost nothing but elitist guild members these days. If your GS sucks, you suck. And since I was always about PvP...that just took the fun out of it. Now I play Tera on/off. Dueling is so much more fun!

I agree Balrogs, elitists are never ever fun in any genre. WOW is like elitist haven. They think even if you are a casual player you should be fully decked out in the most recent raid gear... I have not played in a long time, and honestly the pandas are not really appealing to me!

Ahhh Balrog's I would never have thought you played're are a horde kinda guy.  I can tell these things!  I do understand what you guys are saying about it being a bit elitist.  It is has been about four months since I logged on as well.  Both of my arena partner's quit, because they weren't loving the panda's either. 

What's funny is back in the day, all everyone ever wanted was a Pandarin class. For years people begged for it. Before BC was released, there were dozens of rumors the new class would be Pandarin.

But of course when Mists of Pandaria is finally released...nobody wants to play as a panda anymore. Oh how times change...

And sorry to hijack your thread Glinus. To make up for it I offer you a second EVEN COOLER WELCOME!!

WELCOME FROM MYSELF AND EVERYONE HERE AT PLANET TOLKIEN! What I love most about this place is how friendly everyone is and you'll notice that immediately. You just don't find that anymore (and this actually relates to the WoW convo!).