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hi all, i'm from indonesia and i just found this site coicidentally, but firstly i want to say sorry for my bad english, i'm still learning, so if there's mistakes in my word, please tell me. Dunce Smilie by the way, i'm glad that i've found this site,, Happy Elf Smilie thank ^_^
Hello, and welcome. Smile Smilie The only thing I can say about your English is that you missed the n in coincidentally, but I miss letters all the time, too, and I've been speaking English all my life. Good luck!

WelcomeWink Smilie

Your English isn't a problem. You will learn more if you try. I was very bad at English as well when I first came here.

I hope you'll enjoy your stay.

If you have any questions, just ask.

Hail Anarame and welcome!

Hello! Smile Smilie

Heya Anarane isilra aldarion  

Welcome to PT Smile Smilie Hope you will have a good time here Smile Smilie 

Hey Fellow Tolkien fans indecision

    I just want to say "Hi" & that I'm very glad to be here, among like-minded people who've a love for great literature. I'm Irish & I've been a Tolkien fan for a whole year now. As around this time last year I picked up The Hobbit in the local bookstore & the rest as they say is now history. I instantly fell in love with Tolkien & the secondary world he created.

Yay for new members. I am rather new here myself, but in the short few months that I have been here I have come to love this site. It far surpasses all expectations.  Be sure to read the old forums, as there are dozens of people who now rarely check in but who are truly amazing. I hope you stay with  us as long as you can. May your love for Tolkiens masterpieces only grow as you appreciate it in the many ways that you could not without this wonderful site.