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Greetings Tolkien lovers! I'm a Belgian student and fell in love with Middle-Earth some time ago. I'm currently reading The Silmarillion (just finished the story of Beren and Luthien which is wonderful). So far my favorite First-Age-character is Fingon, High King of the Noldor, because he succeded to unite the Noldor, his friendship with Maedrhos was more important than the betrayal of Faenor (whom I didn't really like)! My favorite Lotr-character is Sam. I want to know a lot more about Tolkien's Universe and I suppose this is the right place to be Smile Smilie (which book would you recommend? Unfinished Tales or HoMe?) I just wanted to say hello and having a nice chat with some fellow Tolkien fan's Smile Smilie

Greetings from Belgium.

dude fingon is mt favorite after Fingolfin,please message me if you have any questions!

Cool, I also like Fingolfin a lot Smile Smilie

Fingolfin vs right,yes that's why he is cool

Fingolfin is one of my favorite characters. After the Bragolach, his wrath was amazing. I have yet to see any character in any book have such righteous fury as he, high king of the Noldor. His sense of honor was great, and when he saw his comrades roast in the fires Morgoth sent forth, he could not stop himself from riding to kill Morgoth. He must have made Morgoth, the mightiest of all the beings in Arada, truly afraid when he called for battle. Even when Morgoth crushed him with Grond, I felt that he realized his own weakness and trembled. Truly, his bravery is inspiring. If he saw a horde of orcs approaching him alone on a field, he would be glad for a chance to smite his foes. Even if they overwhelmed him with numbers each and every one of them would cower at his wrath. Truly, he is an inspiring figure, and one of my favorites.

Hi to all.looking forward to getting into the forum talk. I'm so glad the world was gifted JRRT. His work is a feast for the imagination and I wish he had written more on M.E.