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this may sound radical but i do believe that we should elect more council members for ones that can not be on here antmore, like prominent people who have been on here for ages. Right?

since when was democracy radical? I agree, we don't really have any moderators on this site now and I think it's a good idea to have one. I think they should be a person who seems capable of being impartial, who has been here a while, and is generally a good person.

Hello guys, I'm still around and check this website as much as I can. (At least once a day)!

Amras (and Curufinwe as well), which problems do you experience where you need a moderator for? In other words:'in what way do you experience the 'lack' of presence of a council member?'
Cause, if you have any problems you can always send me a message (or email) and in almost all cases I'll answer within 24 hours.

I think the main thing (at least for me) is that there isn't any real presence of a moderator on this site. I don't doubt that you check often and I have seen you fix problems several times. However, I don't feel as though you (or any other moderators) are keeping an eye on us. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I feel like this site tries to market itself as, I don't know, "carefully moderated by The Council" and I just haven't felt like that's true of late. 

Anyway, you do and have done a fine job as moderator, and I don't necessarily think we need more moderators.

and also new polls, like favorite Rotk characters, or some other object like that. I mean, like Curufinwe, we are lacking alot of serious overlordship from the council members.

Curufinwe and Amras, I get what you're saying. There may be even some truth to your words. But.. This site has existed for a long time. I mean, I've been here for a long time too. On and off since 2006.

And what I'm trying to say is that all these years, they haven't been free to anyone of us. We all age and many kind of things come into our way as it happens. Some of them stay, some of them don't. It has been silent for quite a while now. The council members try to be on the site as much as they can, I'm sure of it. And so do the members. But neither faction has showed that much activity lately and that's the truth.

That's just how it is. I love this site, but I think the glory days are past and gone. Until something revolutionary happens, until we all find time in our lives to spend here on this site again, things will remain as they are. 

I've found it difficult to post stuff either, 'cause I know that there won't be any replies due to the fact that we're lacking members and activity.

You two can't help it, I can't help it. All you can do is to continue posting things as often as you can in hopes of gaining some attention. There's one thing you can help the council members with though. You can always spread the word about this site, since it has been an effective method since the day one.

But even thinking about electing new council members is a far cry at this moment. True, they could do some improvements. New polls, new sections and new things. But.. There wouldn't be enough members to make the most of those kind of features.

So, let us silence instead and hope that things won't remain like this forever. However, I feel doubt even as I now write this post.

No offense to anyone.

- Oerath.

And Arwen, you've done a fantastic job as a council member. You all have. Taz, Amarie, Rednell, Leelee, legendary Grondy and many others. We owe you for this site.

As I said in my previous post, some things just can't be helped. In today's world, many things are slowly fading away. Many good things. And some are disappearing entirely.

So let us hope that this site won't too fade into the oblivion, 'cause it's current course is pointing towards that end.

The site still receives a lot of visitors each day, however, most of them just view the content and then leave. We're a victim of our own success in some ways, as the site has been around almost 14 years now, we have a huge forum with thousands of quality posts on unique and relevant topics, that have all been indexed very well by Google and other search engines.

When people search for a question relating to Tolkien's works, they almost always end-up on PT. However, they read about what they were searching for and then leave.

I'm not sure how this can be resolved, in terms of bringing new members to our community, however, as always we the council welcome recommendations and help from you all.

Ey, Taz. How're you doing these days? Smile Smilie

Anyway, you said it all. Apologies for my little, well maybe a bit depressive post. I had drank a few beers at the time I posted that. I think I felt a bit gloomy back then.

But I rarely post something I would take off, so I'll let those posts and those words stay there.

And oh, fourteen years already?

That's a bunch. Smile Smilie

Let's hope for another fourteen years then.

I'm well, thank you Smile Smilie

I hope to finish the RPG aspect of the site, once I win the lottery or retire, whichever comes first. That should bring in new members and bring up the activity of existing ones. Perhaps an updated design and more social media integration would help too.

I'm always around though, and the Council list is quite busy – of course, we're very fortunate to have Arwen Undomiel and the rest of you keeping the site active.

thanks, Rpg life is still around thanks to curufinwe and myslef, but it is dying quickly.

We need new polls, new "Hot Forums" more people will be attracted to this if these changes are made. For if we do this, it will need some new change. Notice how i say new. We have some very  good people who care about this place and some are usually on here at some point in the day. Like i won't give names for  but i think most people now who they are.

Well, as I see it, we already have a big bunch of different kind of threads. We also have many hot threads, though we lack regularly updated polls. I don't mind about that fact though.

But I've my own things. To me, the poetry/writing side of this site and Musician's Guild matter the most, though neither one has had any posts/visitors for a long time. I hope that will change.

Different things for different people, I guess. Smile Smilie

As for the rpg's, we've had quite a few of those. I used to play an rpg of my own, but I've since abandoned it among some other rpg projects. I still have 'The Wanderer's Tavern' idea though, which basically would be a thread, where everyone could post their 'campfire' tales or short stories for everyone to read. One could even create a setting, an atmospheric side for their posts. You know, it would be a tavern after all, so that would involve little amounts of role-playing.

But that's as far as I'm ready to go in means of role-playing.

Edit: There you've it, The Wanderer's Tavern is back!

I have to agree with Oerath on most of his points. I myself have been on this site for about 8 or 9 years and have seen this site slowly decline in active membership. Most it revolves around real life "getting in the way", which it has for me, and the lack of other activity.