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Just wanted to say hi! This is a great website you all have here, and I'm proud to have added my name to the Tolkien fans here. I've already had some friendly people talk to me, and I want to say thanks! I've only been a Tolkien fan about two years now, but I'm definitely devoted. Have read all the books (except for the Silmarillion, which is SO hard to find; I'm trying to get it on Amazon), read the Prof's bio, and watched all the movies so many time I can't count them. Waiting eagerly for the 3rd Hobbit movie. And my life goal is to talk to someone who knew Tolkien. Thanks for taking the time to read this! Nirwen Celemirsel (boy, do I wish this was my real name!) "And you have my bow" - my fave quote from my fave character in LOTR, Legolas Greenleaf

Welcome to PT, Nirwencelemirsel. I hope I got that right. Smile Smilie

Do explore, make lots of posts and most of all, have fun while doing that.

If you see me online in the chat box, do throw me an invitation and we shall talk.

Welcome Nirwen! Hope you enjoy your  most likely long stay here, once a PTer, always a PTer!

Alla! I'm new to this website and I love Tolkien, especially elves. I would love to get together with some people that love Tolkien's elves as much as I do.

"And my Axe!"



Welcome to you and your axe Orc Grinning Smilie