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Hi guys, New to this forum, I am just giving you the courtesy of introducing myself! I love Lord of the Rings, it is my favorite story! and inspired me to write my own book (my one is nothing like it though). anyway, just saying hi! H

Ello Mate! Welcome to Pt, the Planet's citadel for Tolkienism. Yes, that was a Minas Tirith reference! It is always great to see new people here, enjoy and browse our threads old and new. Also very cool and admirable to have written your own tale. Please don't sting the users here with your vintage pincers:]

Welcome to PT, Scorpio. I hope you'll enjoy of your stay here!

Greetings!  I know you'll have a great time here!  Lots of discussions around, a poll, and journals with poems, stories, and other works.  Make sure you check them all out.  Then you'll be addicted to the site ;-)  Have fun!  Namarie,

Nirwen Celemirsel

G'day mate, I also bid you a fair welcome.

Its great to know you love writing as I too have been inspired by the great professor to write (although nothing yet has been to my satisfaction). Anyhow, feel free to show us some of your own work, I have no doubt that we would all love to read it.

Sincerely Gror Falkbeard (may it never whither).