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Greetings; Suilad, what ever works for you. Hello everyone, in case you don't remember me, i am Gorfuindir (aka Daechir). Due to my phone having issues, i will not be able to use the chat, but i can still forum.

welcome (back) Gorfuindir! Smile Smilie

 Hello (and hello again) friend, hope you can stick around with us this time!

Something oddly familiar, not remembering much right now though. Interesting avatar though. Nice choice of name as well.

Le hannon. (Thank you), I have missed you all, this site, very much. And I should more active seeing that I now have a phone. Navaer.

I am very sorry, but i will not be able to get on here anymore, last night i was charging my phone and somehow a magnet got near yeah it gone.

I will miss you all, this is my finle farewell, Navaer.