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Ehm, hi. I'm new to this place and since the other thread is locked I just figured I'd make my own. Hi, I'm Merimias, and I'm a relatively old/new fan of both the books and the movies? Pleased to meet all of you!

Welcome, Merimias! I have no idea why the introduction thread is locked but this will work. Smile Smilie

As you can see there is lots to explore and share on Planet Tolkien in your quest to appreciate our dear professor. 



As youMerimMias

Welcome Merimias. Enjoy your stay!


@Rednell: As I don't see any reasoon to keep it locked I unlocked the introduction thread. ;-)

A warm welcome to you.

Absolutely welcome Meri, hope you enjoy your time here. Some really intelligent and friendly people that come through PT, so just kick back, have fun, and feel free to talk Tolkien!

Greetings potential new contributor to this fun corner of the internet. Hope you stay and speak your mind, there can never be enough of us, and it's been awhile since I've seen substantial new members.

Welcome Merimias

If you need anything feel free to look us up Big Smile Smilie

Welcome Merimias