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Hi, Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I am a fan of Tolkien but probably not as much as some of you here. However, I am a huge fantasy genre fan and know most of the genre has its roots in Tolkien's work on some part. So I am a huge Dragon Age (video game fan) and even have my own DA fansite. I've played AD&D way back since the late 70's and its still one of my fav pastimes, although its getting a lot harder to find people who want to play table top games. I am a writer and have a few graduate degrees in history specializing in the cultures and religions of the indigenous cultures of what is now the British Isles and Ireland. I am a Scottish farm girl by birth but have lived in the states for the last few years (as well as during some of my Uni time). I see this is a small group but hope to make some friends! ~Autumn (Nuru)

Welcome Nuru! Awesome backstory. I love the indigenous cultures of the British Isles. Fascinating stuff! And I, too, am a HUGE Dragon Age fan. Admittedly Dragon Age 2 left me quite disappointed, but Inquisition was great. Dragon Age Origins is easily one of my all time favorite games though. A classic for sure.

PT isn't as booming as it used to be but there are still plenty of great people who come and go, so don't be afraid to start a thread or resurrect an old one. We love answering questions and getting into discussions. The more the merrier!

I find it odd how so many people disliked DA2. Its still my and most of my mates favourite game of the series. I think it comes down to those who play for the story/narrative and those who play it for the actual fighting/action part of the game. 


DA2 has its flaws technically but none of them take away from the the story or the journey IMO.

Agree to disagree then haha! The level design was just so repetitive it was nauseating for me, and outside of the tutorial the entire game is in the same city, in the same cookie cutter corridors with the same enemies. The menus were just awful. I don't know why they'd take out the cool little journal in the center and replace it with clunky, spaced out, full screen menus that take a second to load (not in a slow/bad performance way, just a slower to appear way). I also play the games on PC which makes a HUGE difference. DAO on PC and Console were almost totally different games. Notably in Origins you could make it a top down RPG, so you click to move. They basically got rid of that in DA2, which was my main way of playing. Assigning actions to party members was also a huge downgrade, soooo limited on the options. In Origins you could assign them to do almost anything (at least on the PC version), in DA2 it was...what? When to use potions and whether to be aggressive or not? . The combat is an improvement for sure, but it's also fairly similar just with better animations. THEN we can get into the shallow story and cookie cutter decision choices. I didn't like being told what's the good, bad, or neutral response. Inquisition did an amazing job improving on this, even better than Origins or Mass Effect. You have no idea what the outcome will be so you have no choice but to just choose honestly.

But most importantly, in my opinion, they took away mod support. Mods were some of my favorite parts of DAO, adding new areas and party members and everything. Man I miss those days....

It wasn't a bad game by any means, it just definitely wasn't a Dragon Age 2. And they made it in a year, compared to several years like the others. Maybe if it was Dragon Age: Hawkes Adventure or Dragon Age: A New Beginning etc etc I think I would've enjoyed it more. But as a sequel, I was unfortunately quite disappointed.

Welcome to PT, Nuru! I'm Oerath, one of the regulars of this wonderful and resourceful site. By the way, I very much liked of your introduction. Dragon Age, huh. This may come as a shock to Balrogs, but I've never played games of the Dragon Age series. Many of my friends have though, and well, I've got Dragon Age 1 on my kind of to-get-list for quite a few years.

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy of your stay here. Our community isn't as huge as it used to be, but we're a small bunch of friendly people. so if you see any of us over the chat room, do not hesitate to come and say hi. Smile Smilie

And I noticed you're also a writer, so I hope I'll get to read something by you one of these days. I'm a sort of poet myself. Some ten years back, I started adding song elements into my writing and before I knew it, I was writing fantasy themed poetic tales. Writing is so much fun.

I manage two threads: 'The Wanderer's Tavern' and 'Do you've a poem to share' (in-active at the moment).

Feel free to join those threads anytime!

Also, apologies for such a long reply. See you around!

- Oerath.

Oerath! Haha actually to be honest I wouldn't have taken you as much of a gamer in general. I think we talked about Skyrim once, right? However playing DAO while listening to some Equilibrium or Eluveitie was always a good time I gotta say...

Though I saw you mention MMOs and Dark Cloud in the 15 questions thread. Man, Dark underrated. That takes me back.

Actually, I've been a gamer pretty much all my life, more or less. The one thing about my gaming is that I choose the games that I play quite carefully.

And hey, talk about Dark Cloud being underrated. That and Dark Chronicles are definitely one of the best rpg-games I've ever played, and I sincerely hope that Level 5 will release another game in the DC series someday.

I still remember it like yesterday. My father had just bought me PS2 and a demo came with it and Dark Cloud and Devil May Cry were on that demo among some other games. Needless to say that I enjoyed Dark Cloud the most, since I bought the game itself almost instantly after the release. And I still play it on good occasions. Smile Smilie

As for MMO's, I've played WoW since 2006.

PS. Try out our new songs man. I think you'll like of that stuff. Smile Smilie

Maaaan I totally remember that demo and had the same one. Good times. I didn't know you played WoW, what server were you mainly on?? I was almost exclusively on Archimonde, played from 2006 until Burning Crusade, stopped for a year, then played again until Cataclysm, which I enjoyed, but honestly it was the player base that turned me off. Once the game became all about GS I was done, I didn't have time to farm dailies and it was impossible to get into a good group for even the most basic dungeons without being kicked cause you didn't have a high enough GS (even though it was plenty high for that dungeon). On top of that all the old players became such elitists and snarky and nobody was willing to help others or just play for fun anymore, no more fun World PvP just strolling through barrens, it was all about competition, and I did not have time for that. Besides PvP was always my favorite, I used to rock BGs, but then gearscore took over there too and it didn't matter how good you were, it was all about gear. And that's why I quit.

But now theres a special place in my heart that will always stand up and shout...


Now I play Tera on and off. I love the combat in that game. I tried going back to WoW like a year ago and it was just so incredibly different I figured I'd stick with Tera. Seriously, it's like a completely different game now, it's insane.

And yeah what was the link again for your songs?

Not to change the topic but still being a noobe here every time I come to the site I see I have a new message and I get all exited! Ohhhh someone messaged me!  But then I see its the mithra thingy.   You will have to please ignore my blondness (even tho I am a ginger).

Yeah every time you log in you get a piece of mithril. These aren't really heavily implemented yet, and they've been around for a long, long time...but apparently in the future they will play a larger role. So we'll see...

I remember getting that same disappointed feeling. I feel for ya!

I am such a late replier. Welcome... Thrice Welcome. Oh... dang- where's the falling dragon? Also, I am such a huge fantasy fan too, and I am becoming a avid follower of everything Star Wars.