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Hello. I hope this is the correct place to post this, please forgive me and let me know if it isn't. I have a question concerning avatars. When I try I upload a picture for my avatar, it asks for me to upload a ".gif" image. Where do I find a ".gif" image? I have googled "Lotr .gif" but none of these seem to work. Also, I am using my iPhone (if that helps). Thank you!

I spent thirty minutes and FINALLY figured out how to turn the profile pic I wanted into .gif format AND into 70 x 70 pixels. First off, you can't download a file from the internet (which is what I do) in .gif format. You have to convert it into .gif. Second, I cannot find ANY pictures ANYWHERE that has only 70 x 70 pixels! I found a converter for that too, though, fortunately.
For anyone else who has had trouble with this, here's the link to turn it into .gif AND 70 x 70 pixels:
P.S. Copy and paste. I pasted this from another member...

If that link doesn't work well, you can send the picture you want to I'll convert/crop the picture for you and put it as your avatar. ;-)
The link did work properly (thank you, Amras), but my phone wasn't wanting to download the converted image. Thank you, Arwen for your generous offer. I'm going to take it up. Wink Smilie I'm sending you an email with the picture I'd like attached to it. Thank You Two Very Much!

This should be working now 

Good! Hoped it would work. (Worked for meWink Smilie

I find the easiest way to do this is in photoshop. You can put in the exact dimensions you want and then save it as a GIF