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Thread: Who is Nick Hagen?

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I just read a posting on another board that mentioned a Nick Hagen as being in talks? Any body else have hits on this?
Well, the Ol' Google found a Nick Hagen Musician -no apparent connection to LotR though.

Then there was Nick Hagen Writer/Producer/Director but there was no indication of any connection to LotR on that page.

I also found that a Tolkien Fan, Username Nick Hagen, posted some drawings inspired by LotR on another site. The drawings were done in a...erm..."youthful" spirit <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> . I doubt he's the one you mean.

Do you have any more to go on?

[b:3mabj09j]Gandalf's Beard[/b:3mabj09j]
I've always wondered too? Has anyone found out yet?

Maybe one day someone will find out and tell us.
How long should I hold my breath? :?

Good question, GB. How long is a piece of string?
Maybe one day Odo will stop spamming. Shall I start a pool? :P
I think you might be confused, Eldo. A pool is required for "spawning" not spamming. (Here to help! <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' /> )
Different kind of pool, dear Odo. <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' />

I'll start us off with five bucks!
[img:1jj4k5s5],0,2592,2592_SS90_.jpg[/img:1jj4k5s5] He looks like a hobbit! He is now my first choice for Bilbo! [url=]Here[/url:1jj4k5s5] is a bit about him anyway. (What a coincidence, I went to a swimming pool today)
[quote="Odo Banks":f74ckq73]Good question, GB. How long is a piece of string?[/quote:f74ckq73] A piece of string is twice as long as it is from one end to the middle. <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' />