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My first post here, so hello, and bare with me.
I personally think the film lends itself perfectly to a 'Dark Crystal' treatment,
wonderful puppetry, sets, top class voice overs, and a warmth and feeling that is more akin to the book and it's intended audience.
I like the LOTR films, but i think they've missed a trick here.
I think that the moods and the atmosphere created in alot of the scenes and settings in LotR (the films) were created brilliantly, I love the Shire and particularly Hobbiton, I feel that those scenes created were done very, very professionaly and that they gave the audience a great feel of the warmth and Harmony created in the book. Although I do agree with you LC that they missed out alot of atmosphere created the books. I hate the fact they had to shortcut around the beggining of Frodos quest in the fellowship, missing out all the chapters on the Old Forest and the Barrow Downs with Old Tom Bombadil, but I appreciate that the film would have probably been a bit too long. I do however think the film recreated the Black Riders very well, they really match the description in the book, although the events are told in a different sort of way. I was also disapointed the film had not included Fatty Bolger although including too many hobbit characters with very similar characteristics might have got confusing on screen. I really love the films but I know where your coming from Lester Cat.
PJ and the other filmmakers wanted to create a more realistic and serious world than is usual in fantasy films, and I think this was a wise move, as it lends itself to the notion of feigned history in [i:3lyo93ya]TLotR[/i:3lyo93ya]. So while puppetry could have been interesting, it would have made the movie seem more trivial. This is not intended as a jab at puppetry, but rather an observation as to how (I think) it is viewed.

Also, I think some of the epic battle scenes would have been a bit hard to pull off with puppets. :lol:
As for 'puppets' and such, I cannot see neither Del Toro or Peter Jackson producing anything less then a Hollywood Blockbuster for this movie. And I'm all for the Muppets, but these days I don't think that's what everyone is looking for in the hit new movie.

The thing I just can't imagine is Smaug as a puppet and not looking ridiculously cheesy. I understand that many children are clinged to this book and are probably looking forward to the movie as well... but... what child [i:1tgznbfq]doesn't[/i:1tgznbfq] like to see the eye candy that is graphically animated fire burning down Laketown to rubble? :roll:

Perhaps that's just me, but anways. I think the cheesy comics and the previous cartoon movie of the Hobbit could suffice to the children, I believe they should and will bring out something for the Tolkien-Lovers.
I think this is an interesting idea, but I know that I want to see a live action movie of the Hobbit. I watched the cartoon version when I was a kid and enjoyed it, and I've seen the book in my head as I read it; I'm not willing to give up on actors playing the roles. I think you have a really great idea for a more child oriented film of the Hobbit, yet I think it should come after the live action; they have only been trying to sort out who has the rights to make this movie for what ......decades?, so we might as well see what they can come up with.
Jackson started floating the idea of Hobbit/LOTR movies back in 1995 as I recall, but the current situation has only been going for a few years now since it was first proposed.