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I just heard in a local newspaper, the manuscript for The Hobbit will be done in a few weeks! That means, when the casting is fixed, they can start filming^^
I expect that they will start filming next summer or spring. With a late 2011 projected release date, they cannot begin filming too soon. Jackson said at Comic-Con ’We’re about three weeks away from turning over the first draft of the script to the studio.’ ... asp?id=597

So they're three weeks away from the first draft being submitted. Then they need to make casting decisions. Then they need to actually refine the script and get it in filmable condition. Then they need to cast the smaller parts of the film. And there's a lot of other pre-production stuff (including concept art, storyboards, CGI tests, etc.) that will take a few months.
A few months, hey? My gut feeling and prediction is that you'll be found to be mistaken on that score, Beren! (Here to help! :ugeek: )
Be kind, Uncle Odo, I'm sure Beren was just being over enthusiastic!
[quote="Mirabella Banks":2o10tl8x]Be kind, Uncle Odo, I'm sure Beren was just being over enthusiastic![/quote:2o10tl8x] I think there's a Life Cycle of forum Hobbits. We start off eager and excited, then become weary and dreary at the neverending stream of baseless rumours. Then angry at the false news, than apathetic. The antidote is to talk about things other than The Hobbit as well. :mrgreen: Of course, petty is the exception because I suspect he becomes happier with every setback. :P I'm not sure where I fall.... :?
Not happier Eldo, far from it, with each new tale of woe that drips out to us I feel a growing sense of 'I told you so' dread. It seems the more I lambast, the more I exaggerate and mock the PJ nonsense the more often it turns out to be something worryingly similar to what they finally announce they are actually doing!
I have faith in Mr Tyrant - I'm sure he coud still remain crabbity even if it was a sunny day and he had a blond on each arm (though slightly less [i:1v2v42by]obviously[/i:1v2v42by] crabbity than usual, I suspect :ugeek: ).
They'd probably talk to much, you know what blonds are like!! And how sunny is this day? I'm Scottish and therefore my natural habit is in the drizzle and mists, not so sure about this sun business- sounds foreign to me!
Yes - you're probably right. You'd end up with a sunburnt bottom and sand up your... never mind...