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Thread: Dol Guldur concepts.

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I was wondering if anyone knows of any appendices that discuss how Dol Guldur looks?

If not does this mean the entire concept will be created with no guide from the books.

And does anyone know of any art works involving Dol Guldur. Preferably for Alan Lee or John Howe, as any pre existing concepts from them will probably not vary too much in thier work for the films.

If not does anyone care to venture suggestions as to how it might look?

I personaly always envisioned a short squat tower that reaches barely 40 feet above the tree canopy. It will be heavily influenced by Bara Dur with vast rusting spikes but less of the mixed architectural areas as it would have been built reasonably quickly rather than over millenia.
B'arelyn Dwarf posted a link to Howe's website on the Howe and Lee thread. I've looked over a lot, but didn't see Dol Guldur. But there is a ton of stuff there 8-) . You should check the link and browse through the art. You might find something.

Description of Dol Guldur is always lacking, but I did find:

Silmarillion (Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age): "...Mithrandir at great peril went again to Dol Guldur [i:2lz5c6nj]and the pits of the Sorcerer [/i:2lz5c6nj]." (italics mine) Tolkien also called it "Sauron's hold" a page later.

As to pictures: I was able to dig up 3. The first two are by John Howe, but I'm not sure about the third. It may just be fan art. I will post the second two in separate posts.

John Howe 1: ... 2-port.jpg
John Howe 2: ... Guldur.jpg
Picture 3: ... ur1024.jpg
Besides the aforementioned pits the only description I can recall is in note 12 to "The Disaster of the Gladden Fields" in [i:2z618gr6]Unfinished Tales[/i:2z618gr6]: "[i:2z618gr6]Amon Lanc[/i:2z618gr6], "Naked Hill," was the highest point in the highland at the south-west corner of the Greenwood, and was so called because no trees grew upon its summit." Amon Lanc was later called Dol Guldur after Sauron occupied it.

From the above description I always imagined Dol Guldur as a big bare hill in the middle of the forest with some fortifications built up around it. I would imagine the pits are dungeons and other underground areas for the servants of Sauron to live in.
While I agree with Eldorion, on the interpretation of what Dol Guldur would look like, I suspect that it will have to be cinimaticly (is that a word?) impressive.

I also hope that they don't make it too much like Barad-dur.

My personal thought is that Dol Guldur was a place that perverted the forest around it..and that it would not be an impressive tower, but a low lying flat structure, (similar to the drawings of the temple of elemental evil from TSR)
The word you are looking for is cinematically <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> . But you are right. Despite what it should look like based on the description, it should look cool on screen. I kind of like Howe's towers and the D&D picture you posted. I also liked the third image Beren posted. It did remind me of Howe's towers, but also of the White Witches Ice Castle from LWW.

While I agree that towers would look quite cool, I also have to agree with anaclagon that I hope it does not look too much like the Barad-dur. We already had two big black towers in LOTR, let's have some variety! I think a number of smaller towers around/on top of the hill could be imposing yet not repetitive.
Good Point. I agree Eldorion <img src='/images/smileys/smile.gif' border='0' alt='Smile Smilie' /> . Variety is the Spice of Life <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> . I like your idea. If I have any time I might doodle up something along those lines.

Hmm just seen on the one a selection of screen shots from the next expansion to lord of the rings online. there are a lot of Dol Guldur. I cant really decide if I like them or not they are all rather towerish and black much like Bara'Dur. I hope they go their own way with the design in the films and dont base it off of the game. if you want to see them.
Here's a link to an excellent description of Dol Guldur, complete with references to Tolkien's writings and notes:

Thanks for the link. Though it is still a very loose description. A fortress on a naked hill with a tower, and dungeons. The info about its history is interesting though I was always of the assumption that Dol Guldur fell to the white council and the attacks against the elves were by mordor orcs sent north instead of west to pelenor fields.
Yes, Elladan, I've found the tuckborough site to be very reliable anytime that I have checked it against Tolkien's published notes and writings. BTW, have you had a chance to analyse my thoughts on getting Gimli to the Battle of Five Armies? (Posted within the "Should Legolas be in The Hobbit" thread).

Here's a great color map to help in the analysis:
I have just been reading through the hobbit again, and I noticed a very short note about the nature of Dol Guldur.

It was just as the Dwarves and Bilbo were about to enter Mirkwood, and Bilbo asks weather there is a way round the forest, Gandalf responds the only way south is through the lands of the Necromancer, he then adds "I don't advise you to go anywhere near the places overlooked by his dark tower." This makes it sound like the most prominant and defining feature of Dol Guldur is a Tower. Other details are not given, but I am inclined to believe dark refers to the nature of the tower and not its colour.

Either way I had just noted we seemed to be happier with the idea of a short fort, rather than a Bara''dur Esque tower, but it seems that is what Tolkien had in mind.