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Do you think they will use the same location for Hobbiton, or do you think the will do most of it in a studio?
I was watching LOTR last night and was wondering the same thing. If I remember correctly, I read a report about them starting to reconstruct Hobbiton for the Hobbit, so I'm guessing it's the same location.
The Hobbiton set is being [url=]renovated[/url:2db1qw1z], so I'd imagine they'll use it. However, the interior shots will probably be done in a studio (as I believe they were for LOTR).
Matter of fact, they were. And they had two main sets: a miniature and an overly sized one. Yet they did build hobbit holes, tho i don't think anything was inside them...
Oh yeah, I remember hearing about the two sets now that you mention it, Tinuviel. Didn't they film Ian Holm in the big one and Ian McKellen in the small one to show the size difference?

I think most of the interior sets were in studios, but the only example I can think of is Edoras: the outside of the Golden Hall was in a remote valley and the inside in a studio (the inside of the set in the valley was a lunch area :lol: ).
I couldn't imagine them not filming in the same location when it was so perfect. Especially when P.J. is involved. I know hes not directing, but since he is Producing it, he does have say, and I do believe that they will be returning to location.