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u know i registerd on this forum just to make a post sugesting Brian Blessed for the role of one of the dwarves but looking through other posts i cant believe how many people have beaten me to it!!

i mean really....everything that John Rhys-Davies brought to Gimli matches perfetly with Blessed, you couldnt choose a better actor

since this site seems to be the main site for hobbit news i really think they should start a campaign promoting him to get asked...who knows.....perter jackson might even have a peek on this site and see how many people want blessed to play the role

plus he would barely need amke up...the guy even has the face of a dwarf lol
I think that’s a good idea fchris, you're definitely right about Blessed, I had a quick research and you're right he definitely fits the bill. He has had good links to English literature, playing many roles in many productions of Shakespeare's plays and therefore he is likely to understand a Tolkien role well. As you pointed out he has a distinct Dwarf-like complexion, of which we all can recall John Rhys-Davies having. What I particularly like about him, now I've familiarised my self with him, is the fact that he's English! Nobody knows English Literature better than the English! :roll: :lol:

Btw fchris, I'll bet Jackson and Del Toro do start taking notice of the advice of the Tolkien fans, I'm sure the team will take into consideration some of the suggestions we present them. 8-)

Oh, and if you're particularly interested in dwarves, there’s a thread on this forum discussing who would best suit Thorin Oakenshield. Heres a link...


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