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Ive heard rumors that this character is not going to be in The Hobbit,mostly because there is no casting call for the character,I personally am hoping Del Toro has someone already locked up for the part that will suprise us all therefor no casting call.
How does everyone feel regarding the exemption of this character if it happens?
Who would you cast in the part?
Arnold Schwarzenegger.
I'm sure I remember an interview in which DT said Beorn would be in the film.

Terminator Beorn :? ?

As the Dwarves and Bilbo go to sleep Beorn leaves to check out the goblin situation in the Misty Mountains and says....

"I'll be back."
Im pretty sure that Arnold wont be making the trip to New Z what with him governing a state that is broke beyond belief,though maybe he could use the money to pay his staff.In all seriousness I think this would be one of the hardest roles to fill.Ive gone back and forth and believe perhaps someone like Michael Duncan Clark{John Coffey in The Green Mile} might be suited for the role.Opinions?
Ron Perlman should play Beorn! He's perfect! Perlman has the kind of outstanding acting ability, deep voice, tough, bad ass screen presence, and ties to Hobbit director Guillermo del Toro (Perlman starred in the Hellboy movies) for the role of Beorn in the Hobbit.
actually I like your idea of pearlman,never saw the hellboy movies but liked him in aliens 4
Ron Perlman is fantastic in Hellboy and Hellboy II: The Golden Army, which featured fantasy film characters such as elves, goblins, and trolls. I highly recommend both Hellboy movies --- once you watch them, you'll see what I mean about Perlman being perfect for the role of Beorn. Perlman was quoted as saying that it would be nice to appear in The Hobbit and he would be glad to play any part Guillermo del Toro asked of him.
Good call on Perlman- he would be an excellent choice. Was trying to think of his name yesterday - was thinking of City of Lost Children, which I watched recently- and just couldn't remember the name so thanks for putting me out my misery. If he has the part his close association with Del Toro might explain the lack of casting for Beorn. I hope so, if they are splitting the book in 2 no reason to leave anyone important out.
Yes, on the last Beorn thread (languishing somewhere on page 3 :roll: ) Perlman was considered a shoe-in for the part. As long as he gets the accent right (he's Shakespearean so shouldn't be a problem).

Probably more typecasting here after all his work in the Potter films, but Robbie Coltrane wouldn't be bad either.

I think pearlman would be to laied back in the role, but who knows <img src='/images/smileys/smile.gif' border='0' alt='Smile Smilie' /> ? Personally i'd pick the guy whoe played Hagrid, Firm but Fair :|
Robbie Coltrane would be good in the role of the fat dwarf in The Hobbit since he has the fantasy film experience with the Harry Potter movies and the right rotund body. Plus, special effects can shrink him down to dwarf size. Beorn is a giant who requires someone like Ron Perlman, who is more muscular. Perlman currently stars as a California outlaw motorcycle gang leader in Sons of Anarcy, an FX original series. Season One of Sons of Anarchy is now available on DVD. Perlman's acting performance on Sons of Anarchy is excellent as usual.
Wow, are you advertising for sons of anarchy (buy it in stores NOW!), or siting a refrence :shock: ?
I had the same thought, Aule, though that seems a bit more qualitative and relevant than the average spambot, so I'll give the benefit of a doubt.
Beorn is mandatory in chance of not being included..
Casting calls are just for character slots that are empty...thus if Beorn actor is defined no need for a call...
Ron Pearlman would be an excelent Beorn or Smaug.
Beorn includes the movie I don't doubt it...perhaps Josh Holloway can play his role...hummmm???
I don't think there's much cause to worry that Beorn will be excised. The filmmakers have more than enough time for him with the two film structure, and GDT has [url=]implied[/url:2rkhi8ae] that Beorn will be included.
I'd like to see someone who looks the part, rather than someone who can act the part of Beorn. Ralph Moeller or Sven Ole Thorsen
What if they found a real man-bear? Now that would be cool as! 8-) (... but not some fellow who is half-man, half-bear, half-pig! That would not do at all! :ugeek: )
[quote="rodu":12tc6fw9]I'd like to see someone who looks the part, rather than someone who can act the part of Beorn.[/quote:12tc6fw9]

I think the two are pretty closely related. A great actor who's scrawny would be an unconvincing Beorn, though so would a big, buff man who can't act.
Indeed, the last thing we need is some WWE wrestler playing Beorn <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> .

Which is why we need Aaaaaahnuld. :P

Ahnuld as Beorn :? . Not sure about that one.

If only Andre the Giant was still alive... *sigh* :cry: :lol: :geek:
As long as it's not Hulk Hogan :P . I suppose The Rock would be tolerable <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> .

I suppose I could see the Rock as Beorn.
Roger Hazard.

I have a fantasy in mind, Sarge, and Roger's friend could certainly have a part in it!
Yup, she's a hottie. Tanya Memme. She and Roger star in "Sell This House," an A&E series where they go in and help people who have problems selling their homes. Roger is an interior design/decorator, if that tells you anything. He's a "Bear" in real life, so I thought it was an appropriate role in the Hobbit for him.

Cool! He looks the part! 8-)

(Umm...does [i:2cptvbtk]she[/i:2cptvbtk] come with the house?)
He DOES look the part :o . If he can perform a British accent, I'm sold.

If they're making TWO movies out of The Hobbit, I hope they can keep all the characters in!

I must be getting old, because all the actors I can think of to play Beorn are old, too: Brian Kieth, Sean Connery, and Brian Dennehy. Any of them could have played the part wonderfully in their prime...
Dan Haggerty the actor who played Grizzly Adams could probably pull it off :?
Only a[size=150:2ux1n1f1][b:2ux1n1f1] [i:2ux1n1f1]moron[/i:2ux1n1f1] [/b:2ux1n1f1][/size:2ux1n1f1]would suggest Dan Haggerty...


That'll teach that swarthy Easterner! Two can play [i:2ux1n1f1]that[/i:2ux1n1f1] game :x

As long as Dan Haggerty can do a British accent. <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' />

Okay, Noom and Mr Banks, that's enough of this "Moron" business out of the both of you. Don't make me sic Sheriff Banks on you Odo. :x

How about someone like Russell Crowe? I don't know if anyone has mentioned him yet.
I have just had my first channeling lesson from Wise Odo, my mentor, so Odo Banks should really watch his reputation lest Wise Odo helps me to channel the furies. :twisted: To die by the sword is less pinfull than dying by the pen. :twisted: Nevertheless it is better to die by the pen than the spoon.
Noom Chevaline
[quote="Noom Chevaline":1l1nnlmh]To die by the sword is less pinfull than dying by the pen.[/quote:1l1nnlmh]

Shouldn't that have been: [i:1l1nnlmh]To die by the pen is less sinful than dying by the pin [/i:1l1nnlmh], Noom? (Whose the [i:1l1nnlmh]moron[/i:1l1nnlmh] now? :x )
Yes Odo - I think it is quite clear who the [i:d7rkqkmr]moron[/i:d7rkqkmr] is still. :lol:
oooh- a fight! :twisted:

And I'm not in it! <img src='/images/smileys/vevil.gif' border='0' alt='Very Evil Smilie' />

I used to work with a bus mechanic whose nickname was 'Bear' he would have been perfect for the role- sadly he left these shores for the promised land of America where within a few years he had gone from 'Bear' to 'Ball'.
So long as they resist the temptation to cast a wrestler it should work out ok. If they cast 'The Rock' I may have to take affirmative action.
Don't think Russel Crowe could do the accent- not if his Robin Hood is anything to go by. He has the temperament for it mind you. And not sure he's bulky enough, although I suppose they could pad him out and give him platform boots to wear. <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' />
Russel Crowe is a New Zealander. His natural accent should be close enough to get the job done. Aussie and NZ accents are acceptable, American is not.

Odd how in anything set in the far past an American accent is not acceptable (I fall into this belief myself) yet the chances that everyone spoke like they were British in ancient Rome or even ME is no less ludicrous.
I agree in principle Petty, and no doubt it's fun when films try to ground the stories with a sense of Realism in having people speaking in regional dialect, language, and accent. But it's a mighty difficult prospect to bring off, and in lieu of that, a British/Irish Type of accent always sounds more "believable" in a Medieval European Fantasy setting than an American one.

True GB- I do wonder however if they are still making dramas of some sort in a thousand years time if a US accent will by then have gained the perception of age necessary to carry it off.
Well, it would depend on the circumstances I think. Already, an American accent is viable in some Fantasy settings. In Legend of the Seeker for example, the setting is a purely other-world Medieval Reality with no apparent linkage to our own, so the mixed accents (American, British, NZ and Aussie) don't seem so out of place. Yet in The first Narnia movie it's very jarring to hear Maugrim speaking with an American accent, in large part due to the decidedly British and Euro-centrism of the stories.

So I'm not certain that relative Age of a society and it's accents are necessarily the deciding factor. I would be equally appalled to see a Western filmed with British accents instead of American ones. I think it's just that for the English speaking countries, A British type of accent is the apparent "gold"-standard for conveying past ages in apparently European settings. That may indeed change over time.

Good point. I remember the first time I saw Kennth Brannaghs Much Ado About Nothing with several Americans actor in it- not everyone handed the language well but those who did I quickly forgot and ignored their Americanism- perhaps quality writing and quality acting can overcome it? (And technically everyone in it should have sounded Italian!)
I am not sure where I read this or if I am just imagining things, but wasn't there some discussion somewhere about Beorn's age as in him being a very long time on the earth or a straight out Mortal? Sorry to be so indefinite, but I think I read a discussion on this issue. Maybe it was in The History of the Hobbit? Whatever the case, Beorn will need to be a mature and physically strong actor - the Rock idea is not so bad (so long it is not actually the Rock! :lol: ) Who is an excellent actor who can pack a punch, I wonder? Russell Crowe has fallen off my list, come to think of it.
Always a good idea to go to source on these questions GP. This from ch7 of TH, Queer Lodgings.

"If you must know more, his name is Beorn. He is very strong, and he is a skin-changer....sometimes he is a huge black bear, sometimes he is a great strong black-haired man with huge arms and a great beard. ....some say that he is a bear descended from the great and ancient bears of the mountains that lived there before the giants came. Others say that he is a man descended from the first men who lived before Smaug or the other dragons came into this part of the North. I cannot say, though I fancy the last is the true tale."

And for a description of the man himself;

"Standing near was a huge man with a thick back beard and hair, and great bare arms and legs with knotted muscles. He was clothed in a tunic of wool down to his knees, and was leaning on a large axe."
I just remember something about a curse, whether it was passed onto Beorn from ancestors or him directly being the one it afflicted. Something about him being a werebear. I agree with you, pettytyrant, and your quote proves it that this idea of 'being very long lived' is not from The Hobbit. <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' /> I must check my 'History of the Hobbit' again. I feel that is where there was discussion on Tolkien's view of him. :ugeek: Mind you, it raises an interesting point. If there are two Tolkien views on him, which would take precedence? Mortal Beorn or near-Immortal Beorn? I like the idea of him being under a long curse - like those Undead in The Lord of the Rings movies. Perhaps they could use this oath breaking to make another connection with the Lord of the Rings movies in The Hobbit. It would add to the dark atmosphere of the White Council. It is all about connections, which I think are important. Lovers of the existing films would like to see this kind of thing.
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