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Good n bad news. looks like its delayed. ... -finished/
Thanks for the link, chris, I haven't looked at TORn in a while. For the most part it seems to confirm what GDT has said (and what several people, including myself, were hypothesizing before that); though I think the bit about the second script is new. If only MGM wasn't billions of dollars in debt. :roll:
*screams like Cap'n Kirk in Wrath of Khan*....MGMMMMMMMMMM :twisted:

While we're in the famous scream category...
I almost did that one too Tinuviel :lol: .

Wish they would hurry up and get a date started, then we can get some good information on character roles, movie content and direction in which they are going to take regarding the contents of the 2 seperate movies which has myself the most interested.
please tell me something...who will direct the film???PJ or Deltoro?? I was told that Deltoro will direct the film and PJ will be the producer is that right????? if yes so why Deltoro doesn't say any thing??? Why does PJ treats in that way??? does he want to torture us???? does he want to make me angry...??? what is he doing??? I don't know what I'm saying... :lol: :cry: :lol: :cry:
Guillermo del Toro is the director and PJ is the executive director. Its not the fault of either them that the film is dragging along at this point: they can't magically summon money to pay for it.
Well, they can summon money, but making "official" decisions requires the studio Green Light :roll: .

Fair point, but I don't know if they can "summon" as much as the studio can. Not to mention that the studio might not want PJ/GDT to pay for the movie as that would probably decrease how much of a say the studio has in things.
Screw 'Em :x . If they can't get their crap together they should get a smaller cut in the end.

Um... have you morphed into Mr Tyrant, GB? Hey..... 8-)
Yeah- I'll do the crabbity posts around here if you don't mind. <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' />
Although I agree GB- either take a 's**t or get off the toilet" this faffing around is not doing anyone any favours. At this rate by time the film is green lit it'll be in 6d, smellovision to keep up with latest technoligy trends. I just want a film of the Hobbit completed this century, is it too much to ask?
MGM's really at the mercy of their debtors and the studios (including Warner Bros.) bidding on them right now. One could, however, possibly blame them for getting three billion dollars in debt. :roll: :lol:
Then they should suck it up and take the hit. Make a deal already. :x

Why NOT invest in the Hobbit???????? Are they criminally unaware of how successful LOTR was and how the fan base has GROWN?????
HURRY THE @#$%! UP!!!!!
MGM can't do that on its own, they would need their debtors to approve it. Frankly, if I had invested in a company that far in the hole, I would want them to clean up their act before financing anything else. Of course, when you're three billion in debt, it's not like you have money to finance anything.

I can appreciate people's frustration, but it's not that easy to finance the movie given the situation. It's unrealistic to expect MGM to just "take the hit".
They have to either sell to the highest bidder or declare bankruptcy, in which case their properties will be sold off for pennies on the dollar. They have to take some kind of financial hit either way.

Very true. They've been taking bids for months, but their debtors (who seem to have a major say in the matter) have been unimpressed by the bids they've received. I suppose the debtors are now trying to figure out how they can get out of this mess with as much money as possible.