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Dave Gonzales from Latino Review makes the pesuasive arguement that between the developements costs adding up and MGM's problems this movies going to be shelved. Nothing in concrete only conjecture but still it makes maddening sense.

here's the link: ... delay-9883

I hope he's wrong but Warner (Newlines owners) and MGM care little about fan's. $$$$ is their only motivator.

Your thoughts if it does get shelved...
Well, at least he admits it's not based on fact. :lol:

I don't entirely agree that PJ has been losing his touch. King Kong was far from a flop, and District 9 had rave reviews. While The Lovely Bones hasn't been doing so good, I think it's rather overshadowed by PJ's other works. He also underestimates the appeal of Middle-earth specifically. That will be the biggest draw for The Hobbit: it's the adaptation of a beloved classic book [i:2a4rtaq3]and[/i:2a4rtaq3] the prequel to some of the most popular, lucrative, and critically acclaimed (a rare sort of triple crown of movie-making) films ever. PJ's name might not be enough to get people to watch a movie about a young girl who is raped and murdered, but it is the 'brand name' of Middle-earth that will be the biggest selling point for The Hobbit.

At worst I could see MGM forcing The Hobbit to be put into stasis for a few months or maybe even a year. So far they have been taking their time with a leisurely pre-production, but with the script finished they may be running out of things to do. On the other hand, I don't know how early the props and set people started working. However, MGM won't drag things on forever, and Warner Bros. was confident enough to sign a contract with IMAX that included The Hobbit, Part 1 for December 2012. WB and whoever ends up with MGM would have to be mad [i:2a4rtaq3]not[/i:2a4rtaq3] to fund the next installment in such lucrative franchise.

That's my two cents, at any rate.
It occurs to me that The Hobbit will be a harder film to pull off than LotR (for the mass audience). Without the Childrens story angle, it will lose just about everything. If the first movie flops, a second won't be made. It's a bigger financial risk than you think, Eldo. This movie will only be a certain money spinner if it remains true to the book's text - and extremely closely true to text. :ugeek: LotRizing it will turn it into a failure. (I'm not joking).
While I would like it to stay quite close to the text, I'm not sure why doing otherwise would spell financial disaster. There were tons of Tolkien fans who saw and loved LotR despite the changes to that, and The Hobbit will have the added advantage of people who saw the movies but never read the book.
A LotRized Hobbbit will be merely a colourless copy, a pale imitation of the LotR movies, Eldo. Don't they teach clear thinking in schools anymore? :roll:
Have you seen the recent Harry Potter films? :P Be part of a big enough franchise and you can churn out just about anything and still keep raking in the cash.
The Hobbit is Money-In-The-Bank!!!! MGM either needs to sell it's share of the rights, allow another company to buy THEM, or go bankrupt. Their investors are only hurting themselves by dragging this out, hoping for a better deal that will never come.

This film will never happen....
It's time.......(presses "play" on cassette player.....stirring music ensues)
To meet up in shropshire or the Lake Disrict..........
Pool our meagre resources............
and film it ourselves......
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