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I hope you don't mind this post Ady (it's for Charity :mrgreen: ).

The newest Silver Leaves Journal (issue #3) is now available. It is a Tolkien/Lewis based journal though there is a bit of general Fantasy too. It is published by the non-profit White Tree fund, and features articles, poems and art centering on Lewis/Tolkien and Fantasy related themes. Proceeds from the current issue will go to benefit Haiti earthquake victims

It features known and unknown artists and writers (including a couple of pieces by yours truly in the latest issue <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> ). The current issue is fantastic and full of some beautiful art, including some by Ted Nasmith.

Submissions are welcomed, so anyone here who has art, essays, or poetry that you'd like to submit can contact Silver Leaves. The next issue's theme is Dragons 8-) .

Ordering and submission contacts can be found at The White Tree Fund's website:

I saw this a while back, I wanted to get it, but is so expensive to ship to the UK! I imagined it's a bit like the publications that you get from the tolkien society, right? Edit: 100th post! Now I can stop spamming... for now.
Naughty spammer!
[quote="Ally":3ozwuxqu]Edit: 100th post! Now I can stop spamming... for now.[/quote:3ozwuxqu] Happy Spammaversary! :mrgreen: Here's to the next 100![img:3ozwuxqu][/img:3ozwuxqu]