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Thread: Dom (merry) speaks about the Hobbit

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He and I are on the same page basically, except for the last bit of fans worshipping PJ>...
Surprisingly (to me) I agree with a lot of what he said. I'm glad he doesn't want to shoehorn LOTR characters into The Hobbit and I hope that PJ shares that desire, though I rather suspect he doesn't. :P I can also see his point about it feeling weird to have another director, though I have mixed feelings on it myself. It would be nice to have common visual and design themes between TH and LOTR, as much as the [i:2hh2xu6t]stories[/i:2hh2xu6t] are different. At the same time, I don't think PJ would let the commonalities stop there and I don't really trust him with the story. :| I was so excited for Blomkamp.... :roll:
This was actually pretty interesting. One being that Dom feels like he could be "digitally recreated" and didn't need to have any more involvement in the project if he ever was. I am sure he was exgarating, but makes some good points about the TH being merged with the LOTR film trilogy. I like that he feels no need to put LOTR characters* that don't belong in the original story of The Hobbit. I think the closer the film makers stay to the book the more successful the movie will be. * I wouldn't mind Dom in The Hobbit though as a different character.
Interesting but is there a place for him in the TH as Merry? Even if they have an older Bilbo talking to the hobbits surely they would be young hobbits? I suppose if they really wanted to shoehorn horn him and Pippin back in they could frame the film around Bilbo at Rivendell, after the War of the Ring but before the hobbits return to the Shire. That would be somewhat similar to the way Tolkien sets up Gandalf's account of events in UT, which is set in Minas Tirith some point after the Crowning of Elessar but before they leave for home.