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Thread: Happy Birthday, Bilbo (and Frodo)

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How is everyone celebrating Bilbo's birthday today? As for me, I took a walk and tried to commune with nature, I'm making fish and chips (by S. Gamgee) for dinner, and I hope I can get the family to watch the party scene (at least) from LOTR. Of course, I'm also tirelessly hawking the story of Bilbo's parody alter-ego (see below). By the way, I actually have a literary agent that asked to see the full manuscript, although I'm still waiting for her feedback and whether she's interested or not. How are YOU celebrating today? -Paul
I've been continuing the argument with Petty about Film Aragorn vs Book Aragorn, and proving that AA is a Religious Organization at the James Randi forum today Paul. :lol: By the way, good luck with the agent. :mrgreen: [b:13otswqo]GB[/b:13otswqo]
There bdays were on the 21st right???? That was the same day the Hobbit was published!
Tinuviel- I'm pretty sure it's Sept 22, although some super-hardcore fans argue that since the Shire Reckoning Calendar is different than ours, Bilbo's "real" birthday is on Sept 13. Sort of like the argument that Jesus wasn't born on Dec 25. It reminds me of a comicon I attended where there was a discussion of the comic Gotham By Gaslight, in which Batman fights Jack The Ripper. A fan asked if it was a time travel story, or a parallel universe, and the author replied that it was neither, but just a Batman story set in Victorian London. "So, this isn't a REAL Batman story?' asked the fan. "No," said the author, "We make ALL of them up." The good news is that this in NO WAY interferes with my enjoyment of Bilbo's birthday. Time for some birthday cake with my daughter! -Paul
I totally forgot about the birthday but had fun bowling earlier. :mrgreen:
I had a quiet day set to meditation.
I'm sure Bilbo would approve of bowling, and Frodo seems like the meditative type. Excellent! Until next year...