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Thread: shire fit for Hobbits

Bottom of Page    Message Board > The Hobbit (Movie) > shire fit for Hobbits ... ockbuster/ some good news, not if they go to Europe for the filming.
Sounds like they might leave more finished elements for the tourist attraction this time instead of stripping away almost everything like they did after LOTR. Good news in my book.
Yeah, great news <img src='/images/smileys/smile.gif' border='0' alt='Smile Smilie' /> Now, let's hope they they settle this silly dispute and Jackson & Co are allowed to film there!
It's time for Jackson to step up to the plate and be a Hero. The Kiwi actors want you to go to Mt Doom for them Mr Jackson. Only you have the Power to lobby the NZ Parliament to achieve laws that give NZ Actors parity with Hollywood Actors. I want this film to be made by Jackson, but if it means he's going to be "cowardly" and hide behind NZ laws that he can lobby to change, then forget it. [b:1ft9y1po]GB[/b:1ft9y1po]