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James Nesbitt, who wil he play? ... bbit-role/
Take it no one likes him, not even as Bard?
Never heard of him, so I have no opinion on the man.
We could speculate about David Tennant, or Sylvester McCoy again, who still appear to have some sort of roles in the films. <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> [b:1t8nyzfh]GB[/b:1t8nyzfh]
My moneys on McCoy for Radagast and that PJ and the coven have written him up as part of the WC. Given all there is on Radagast is a few lines of dialogue and a smattering of clues and hints they will no doubt just have made up a character of their own, and as they can't write Tolkien style dialogue (as plainly demonstrated in LotR) it will no doubt be awful- maybe he will be the humour element on the WC- the WC Gimli!!
Given that McCoy has stated his role is a major part, I'm thinking it's more plausible that he will play "Old Bilbo" narrating the tale, or possibly the role of Saruman. [b:2vdmnykk]GB[/b:2vdmnykk]
I can't see him as Saruman - he doesn't look very intense or intimidating. I could definitely see him as Old Bilbo or Radagast, though (we don't know how major Radagast will be).
i have a sneaky feeling they have written up Radagast for the WC stuff- making up their own charcater as they go- why not after all its clear from the commentary in LotR they felt Tolkien hadn't done a good enough job and needed improving and rewritting- no reason that unbelievable arrogance will not still be to the fore in TH.
James Nesbitt playing Bofur ... wn-is-ori/