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The main article that is from has some worrying things in it. Not sure about his ideas for Smaug at all. I wonder how far along things had got or whether they are sticking with those designs; little forearms like a t-rex, a silhoutte like an axe when flying and other odditties abound. This I don't get. Smaug is the easiest thing to get right- the author notonly describes himin the book he gave us a perfectly good painting of him. Whats the problem with making him look like that? Oh and I hope to goodness the armoured trolls mentioned in the piece are gone, trolls that curl up like armour plated balls is [i:iy2dvyp0]not[/i:iy2dvyp0] Tolkien!!!
I'm more worried about Thorin having a helmet with antlers, but GDT's attitude as reflected in that article is pretty discouraging in general. :roll: I know I sometimes brush off GB when he talks about how PJ did a much better job than a lot of people, but after reading the full article I stopped to take a moment to reflect on how much worse things could have been on LOTR, and how worried I am for The Hobbit even though GDT isn't directing. :lol: I should add that while I haven't seen any of his films, GDT seems like a very imaginative and skilled film-makers, but if he dislikes the constraints of adaptation, then maybe he should just stick to making his own original films. :x
Troll hedgehogs! Awwww! 8-) (only kidding petty! This would be a step too far away!)
Almost everything in that article seemed a step to far to me. I was quite keen to see GDT do the film. I'm a big fan of both Pans Labyrinth and Hellboy but from this it seems he would be incapable of doing full adaptations. I am releived he is gone, though not happy with his replacement. They should have been brave and got Peter Greenaway or David Lynch in to do it. ... g-vision/#
Ugh. What makes it even worse if remembering the care that went into trying to make plausible monsters, such as the "fell beasts", with LOTR. But who cares about that, right? :roll: