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I really hope they work in some of the background story that we know about from ROTK appendix A and B, especially about Gandalf’s doings.  I would love to see a sort of intro like in FOTR about how the Watchful Peace began to end as shadow and fear crept back into the world (and especially into Dol Guldur).  I can imagine such an intro talking about dragons in the north and how the dwarves were driven from their ancestral homes into exile in the Blue Mountains, but were ever restless and wandering.


Can’t you just see glimpses of the shadows lengthening in Mirkwood, of fire and fleeing at Erebor with just a vauge hint of shadowy dragon wings in the smoke, maybe even a glimpse of Thráin being captured?


The intro could include Gandalf entering Dol Guldur and as the shadows flee before him he finds Thráin rambling something about ‘rings’ and ‘He is searching for them, searching for IT!’ and Galdalf upon hearing of the loss of the last of the Seven would of course have to mutter the name: Sauron under his breath even as he receives the map and key of Erebor.  We could see the meeting of the White Council and how Sauruman overruled Gandalf’s urging to attack Dol Guldur. “HE is seeking them all, even the ONE! That is why he was at Dol Guldur, so near to where IT was lost!”


Gandalf’s chance meeting with Thorin and his hope for the destruction of Smaug should definitely come into it.  If these events aren’t part of the intro they could just as easily be related in flashback by Gandalf in the course of the films.


They definitely need to work Gandalf’s next meeting with the Council into the movies since it takes place during the events of the story (although Bilbo didn’t know the details to relate in his version of events).


I also wonder how much of the history of the forging of the rings and back-story of Gollum/Sméagol finding the One that they want to recap, but if there is a way to do so it would be beneficial.


What do you think?  Who hopes to see some of the background information of the larger history worked into things?

Oh yes, Elrohir, I would love to see all of that back story.....maybe they could even start with the forging of the The Rings of Power in the Second Age....we could see Celebrimbor and the Noldorin elves in Hollin...and this angelic beautiful creature comes among them...he declares himself to be Annattar, the bearer of gifts...of course, we all know it is really Sauron....they actually filmed a version of Sauron is his Annattar guise for LOTR....he was going to come out and tempt Aragorn at the Black Gates...but the idea was dropped....You can actually see what they filmed on one of the documentary DVD's...

oh...that would be so cool.....

Yes, I am actually more interested in this backstory than the Hobbit itself.  There is a lot of stuff to cover, which I imagine is why its two flms.  Ill be interested to see how the White Council is portrayed.  There is one line in the LOTR's Appendices which states that the White Council showed its power in removing Sauron (unknown at the time) from Mirkwood..

Lots of good stuff to mine from! 

Yes, Brego, it was mainly by the arts of Saruman that the White Council were able to drive Sauron from his old lair at Dol Guldur in Northern Mirkwood......

What about a film of Beren & Luthien ?

Is there another thread about this ?

What about a film of Beren & Luthien? 


It can't happen anytime soon due to copyright concerns... though there is some information about this tale in The Lord of the Rings of course.

And my guess is that the Estate will hold on to the rights to The Silmarillion for as long as they can.

Actually, if I remember my Third Age history right, the White Council did not act quickly enough due to delays caused by Saruman.  As a result, the Necromancer, Sauron, only made a feint of giving way before them and then returned to Mordor.


Yes I agree and I remember feeling desperate and angry at this account. I cannot for the life of me understand why, being the creature he was and with his track record, any one would believe him. But maybe that is the nature of evil, it is so seducing.

Gee traffic on this site has crawled to a standstill.  This is an interesting thread.  I am also interested in the relationship between Sauron and the Nazgul, their comings and goings from Dol Guldur and the limited power which Sauron was able to wield to corrupt Greenwood The Great in the first place.

Also Galadrial shows her power some time later, against Dol Guldur.  Would love to see Cate weilding Nenya!

A film about Beren and Luthien...

I agree that this is something I (and many others, I suspect) would like to see.

However, as already pointed out, the Tolkien Estate Ltd, a very astute commercial entity, would have to be in agreement, and would have to be convinced that (1) the film makers proposing the project knew what they were doing, and (2) there was a sound and substantial commercial basis.

In the present economic climate, I'm not sure the time is ripe.

Having said which, oddly enough, given the interest in nostalgia and romantic films, I think that the BBC, for example, or a film maker on the lines of the Merchant-Ivory partnership, might well create a very successful film or TV series about the Tolkiens themselves - and JRR certainly perceived his and Edith's story very much in Beren-Luthien terms - and I think, at the present time,  this might be a more viable project.

Anyone else like to discuss?

Great idea Eohelm. Tolkiens childhood story is a powerful example of strength, courage and death.  It brings a tear to my eye reading about it.  There is an excellent Tolkien segment in the first appendices DVD in the special edition of TFOTR.  The stories about Tolien throughout the first world war are heartbreaking.