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Hi everyone. There has been an official release of an interactive poster for Comicon at,,20399642_20610399,00.html

This beautiful image is like a scrollable story book. Most excited to see Beorn and if you look carefully one of the Trolls. It's lush and gorgeous and makes my heart sing.

Oh, this is my cup of tea Smile Smilie Nicely composed. Once again I found myself dreaming about visiting Rivendell!

Ah Indis, yes I agree it has a magical feel about it.

I did some reading and viewing over at the just to see what they got up to at Comicon.  There were a series of amazing 3d framed posters of each character, which somehow turn and watch you as you walk past! very Harry Potter I thought. Galadriel is particularly beautiful. 

Im staying away from as much as possible (re the film) so I can be surprised.  But I did read some encouraging things.

The Trolls talk....

There are Stone Giants....

Radagast has a number of little birds who live under his hat! and a badger....

We get to see Dol Guldur...

Greetings, Brego, Indis and all friends.

I just looked  at the scroll poster.  Lovely, lovely!  These brothers sure have a way of developing the simple images that happen in our minds as we read... into huge panoramas that just suck you in and take you away.  I had imagined the Forest River much smaller, but then I live in a land where things tend to be small.

I can't wait for December 14th! 

I've decided that the thing I'm most excited about is meeting Beorn! 

I saw another pic today of around 6 Dwarves, possibly in the Gobblintunnels. They look as though they maybe fleeing from capture. Anyhow I noticed that indeed their hoods are coloured. They are dark but I could make out blue, green and possibly dark red. Also Killi & Filli looked more Dwarf like than they did in earlier official pix. Also there hair is more matched in colour. I always imagined them as twins somehow. Getting excited now.

Beorn, yeah, he's the one I wait to see; especially if we can watch his transformation.... Anyhow Brego, you have mentioned Radagast? I would love to put him a face! I know few details about this character (Saruman and Gandalf are better known for all of us). However, I love Radagast! This wizard who can speak with animals. Oh, how nice!!!

The scroll of the film is amazing!

This all gets better and better!  Is it true that there will be a third Hobbit movie?

Elbereth I have yet to see an image of Radagast. But have an idea of a rather grubby but wise old man in earth brown, with a ruddy face and cheeky smiling face. And Marghana yes three films!

Hey! yes, there will be a 3rd Hobbit film. When I was visiting Hobbiton movie set on Monday, they were making new "buildings" there and the guide told us it was for the new film. The previous ones were made last September / October.

I cannot wait to see the new trilogy....

How wonderful Elbereth. Would love to see Hobiton in person. Planning a trip soon.

I wish you a nice trip if you are coming here. Hobbiton is like being in a fairy tale. I am loving my trip to NZ but everything is expensive, not daily life but every free time activity or visit I find them quite expensive. Anyhow this experience will be once in a lifetime so we must try whatever and enjoy it!