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At I found a short piece from the official The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey soundtrack. It's called:"Radagast the Brown". Has anyone else heard this one already? And what do you think about it? I think it's quite the same style as LotR and I recognize a couple of things which sound almost the same. But it's I think in some way also different from LotR.
But I think we can be sure that it's the same quality as The Lord of the Rings Soundtrack. It's composed by Howard Shore so...!!! Wink Smilie
I will check that out Arwen and I'll tell you what I think but talking about Radagast I'm glad they put him in the Hobbit because I was pretty pissed that they didn't put Radagast in The fellowship.

I've only heard Misty Mountains  and I love it already

Oh yea that one was great too!
I'll have to check it out. I simply love Howard Shaw. I've heard the Misty Mountains Dwarf song twice and it's been stuck in my head for months. Already I can hum the harmony. He manages to capture all themes of Tolkien at least for me anyway. He's an amazing artist and fully deserves his awards.

I do agree with you Brego Smile Smilie

There are some early release releases of Mr Shore's themes from The Hobbit online. Simply breathtaking. I love them already.

Brego, where did you find them? I heard about it, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Help! Wink Smilie

Arwen try

Lots of goodies there.

There was a link at  I looked to it, but it doesn't work. I can't click at ''play''. So I can't listen. Sad Smilie

Try this Arwen...

Thank you very much Brego.
But as you maybe know, it isn't allowed to post links. But for now I will not delete it.  Unless other council members think different. But I don't think is a problem. So it's okay now. And I'm absolutely sure it wasn't your intention to break a rule. 
Just for everybody, please don't post links. But for now it's okay. Wink Smilie

Thanks again Brego, I love the soundtrack. *smile* and I'm sure you do too.

Oops Arwen, you know I had no idea that links Weren't allowed! Goodness I have posted links before. Sorry. Have you heard Neil Fins song for the Hobbit?! Great choice of vocalist and a native of NZ. He was the lead singer of Crowded House.
It's okay, Brego.

I'm listening to that song right now.Wink Smilie I like itSmile Smilie

Aside form listening carefull while watching the movie I haven't heard the whole soundtrack yet. It's like a dessert Wink Smilie I've heard Radagast's theme, which is nice, but not too distinctive.

Today I listening to the soundtrack and honestly I'm a little bit disappointed. Just like during the time when I was watching the movie in the cinema, I figured out that a lot of music seems to be borrowed or extended themes from the LOTR. Don't get me wrong - I love those themes, I listen to them for years now (especially FOTR and ROTK ones). But I expected to hear something new - and there's so few of them (Misty Mountains being probably the most recognizable and well-rounded). What was stunning for the whole LOTR soundtrack that you could link those melodies to specific places or people - there was a hobbit theme, Shire theme, Rivendell, Rohan, Aragorn, the Ring... I could go on for hours maybe. The melodies were instantly recognizable and just by playing the soundtrack I could easily see the Middle Earth. And I was hoping that I find new landscapes on this soundtrack. It's repetitive - at times it is obviously justified - but I think there's too much of old ideas, modified or extended.

There are three songs that immediately caught my attention. First of them is Misty Mountains theme which appears in a few tracks. "The Song of the Lonely Mountain" didn't click for me at first - but I'd love to hear the instrumental version of it. The arrangement seems to be perfect. The parts of the theme that were included in a trailers were beautiful too.

Second one would be "Radagast the Brown" - I've heard it before. In my opinion it captures the character very nicely - a bit innocent, crazy and chaotic at times, a bit of folk maybe?

Another one would be "The Hill of Sorcery", just for one reason - near the end of the track there's a very intriguing and quite frightening sound which got me chills. Very suitable for the Necromancer, and I'm not even able to describe why. The  track is so dark and mysterious - that's probably how I'd like to see the Barrow-downs theme.

I have the soundtrack now and I agree dear Indis, lots of familiar themes. However for me they have been changed enough to still be intriguing. I too loved the Sourcerer of Dol Gulgur. Spooky and dark. I also liked the main themes of the Dwarves and I have to say I loved revisiting the Istari themes mixed with Lothlorien and Imladis during the White Council part.

Another case of different strokes, for different folks!!

I actually thought the music was great. You're not wrong Indis, but the way I see it is these are two very connected stories on the same timeline. So I didn't mind at all the borrowing from LOTRs soundtrack. In fact I thought it only contributed to the whole "prequel" feel. Brought back the memories of watching LOTR, but was just fresh enough to remind me I'm now watching The Hobbit!!

I too loved the Sourcerer of Dol Gulgur. Spooky and dark.

Too bad I do not own "The Hobbit" dvd yet, because I can't remember how the track was incorporated into the movie.

You're not wrong Indis, but the way I see it is these are two very connected stories on the same timeline. So I didn't mind at all the borrowing from LOTRs soundtrack. In fact I thought it only contributed to the whole "prequel" feel.

Well, after listening to the soundtrack I was tempted to read a few reviews of this music score. The complaints are similar to mine. Of course, we all are immediately comparing this one to the LOTR soundtracks which may be a bad idea, since these scores are arguably among the best soundtracks created over the last decade or so. ANd "The Hobbit" score... It's a nice piece of music, quite stunning at times (as I read: technology and quality wise  "The Hobbit" soundtrack is superior to the LOTR ones) but not innovative enough. I found an opinion comparing this to a great piece of craft rather than a great piece of art and I couldn't agree more.

I could go on and on about music, movie scores and especially those Tolkien related, so you can just stop reading here Wink Smilie

There's no Gollum theme for example - the "Riddles in the dark" scene is such a powerful moment in the book, in the movie and in the whole story of the Middle Earth, and I can't believe that Gollum hasn't got his own melody. In LOTR is was always the melody related to the Ring (all of the 'tempting scenes' had it). I might be wrong here, but I couldn't hear anything specific when it comes to Bilbo (which is rather sad in both cases: if there wasn't one or I couldn't hear it Wink Smilie)

The good thing is: since next parts of the movie will be places in places (duh!) we haven't seen on the screen before the composer should have a full palette of new inspirations and new ideas to come up with. I'm looking forward to listening to new themes for new places and new characters, especially the Smaug. And the pressure is off after the premiere of the first part so it should be easier to concentrate on art for Mr. Shore now Smile Smilie

I also found out that Howard Shore wasn't the composer of Misty Mountains theme, which was quite surprising for me.

I know it's probably not a proper place to ask you, but how would you imagine Tom Bombadil's musical theme? Any suggestions?

EDIT: Listening to "The riddles in the dark" track. In some parts I hear something similar to the music from the Two Towers (when in the Emyn Muil sequence Gollum is creeping up on the hobbits). That may be the Gollum theme. Another thing is that after filming LOTR the One Ring is crucial to the story so it's theme was used here instead of creating another new melody for Gollum. So the viewers could link the scene's importance to the LOTR movies. Does it have sense to you?

Yes Indis, also the Ring Theme is used in Riddles.  For me it kind of also is a Gollum theme as well, if that makes sense...

I finally managed to sit down and watch The Hobbit today.

And the soundtrack was a bit disappointing. I really like Neil Finn's song. I like his voice. It goes well with the story. Earthy, angry, stifled, yet still so passionate. 

I kind of lost my temper when Thorin was charging at Azog (the pine fires and wargs scene) and they played I think the Aragorn theme or something? What got on my nerves was the constant replaying of the LotR themes. Some are required of course, for the sake of continuity, but most of the time it becomes repetitive and a lot less epic. 

I'm yet to delve into the other releases (Thank you, Brego Smile Smilie) and I know I'll find some more gems but I don't think I'll find the Arkenstone of themes in this part. I hope Peter Jackson looks more into the music for the later installments. 


I see where your coming from Odette and I'm sure your correct re future instalments.