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The Review on display at Here is an extract : It was exactly 11 years ago, when one of the greatest fantasies of all time was brought on the big screen by someone named Peter Jackson. The LOTR series not only went on to become one of the greatest blockbusters ever but also took Jackson to the pinnacle of success. 11 years since, nothing has changed. The Hobbit: An unexpected journey faced many obstacles before finally hitting the screen on 14th December. Starting with director issues, lawsuits and opposition from animal right activists to the controversial high frame rates and finally the decision to split up the 300 page book into 3 movies. All these controversies added to the negative reviews that came out initially. Most of these complained especially the HFR and the length of the film. I viewed the film in 3D 24 fps format and hence cannot comment on the HFR. But one thing is definite that the film is never boring (in fact it’s quite the opposite). For further reading - here is the links SIDDHARTH is a teenage studying in High school in India