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Thread: Favourite Hobbit Movie Moment.

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Hail friends. It's inevitable that this question will be asked. So what's you favourite scene? Mine... I have to say that other than the history of Erebor which was truly magnificent. It has to be the extremely quick glimpse of King Thranduil riding his stag.

Oh I doo agree with you Brego .but I also enjoyed the time they spent in Rivendell

Yes Mellorn it was like a dream. I want a couple of Elf warrior statues at my gate. Loves the secret entrance As well.

While there are many things I loved about it, the scene that stands out the most to me is the long distance view of Rivendell. I was mesmerized, nothing short of amazing in my opinion.

I also really liked the stone giant sequence, though I agree with others certain falling distances were way too unrealistic. But from when I first read The Hobbit, I always loved the sentence...

"When he peeped out in the lightning-flashes, he saw that across the valley the stone-giants were out and were hurling rocks at one another for a game, and catching them, and tossing them down into the darkness where they smashed among the trees far below, or splintered into little bits with a bang."

And honestly what I imagined, especially as a kid, was eerily similar to Jackson's interpretation. So it's another scene that stands out to me and I really enjoyed.

Brego, an amazing idea for a thread. Thank you.

Yes Balrogs I also loved the view of Rivendell. Beautiful.
And Thranduil. Amazing.
And of course, just seeing the Shire again.
The scene "Riddles is the dark" is I think nicely done. It was quite much how I imagined. Only pity that not all the riddles where used.

I could go on with lots of other things I liked. Wink Smilie But for now I have to go. See you!
I think the Thranduil scene was ridiculous... Didn't like it at all... The part I liked best was the talk with the Goblin King (he looks really awesome).

"The riddles in the dark scene" has to be my favourite. Amazing acting. Perfectly animated Gollum. The moment when Bilbo considers killing Gollum. The importance of this one scene on the whole Middle Earth story.

And I loved seeing Manwe's eagles once again. So graceful.

Yes, the eagles. Smile Smilie

And I loved the scene between Mithrandir and Galadriel.

I may be the only one, but my favorite moment was when Gandalf sliced the Goblin King's stomach and the King said, "That'll do it." I thought it was hilarious.

When the dwarves arrived in Rivendell, and they were eating- "I don't like green food" and "Where's the meat?" -because of course elves only eat healthy food- I found that hilarious, but I also enjoyed the action sequence in the Goblin Cave.

As Arwen mentioned I also really enjoyed the scene between Gandalf and Galadriel. I've always liked Galadriel because she seems so...mysterious. Mysterious in the sense that other than a few vague references, we really only know of her existence in ME on a specific timeline.

I was slightly disappointed with her scene in LOTR cause I think it gave a bad impression of who she really was, particularly to larger audiences who don't know her at all. So I was pleasantly surprised this time around.

The scene with Radagast healing the little hedghog with Wizardry was wonderful.

The Dwarves finding the Arkenstone also along with Smaug breaking into Erebor. Totally unstoppable and awesome.

Yes, the scene with Radagast in his home (when those spiders behind windows) was great. It was scary in a kind of claustrophobic way for me - old man in a little house with these little animals, surrounded by unknown, overwhelming evil.

When it comes to scary things from the Hobbit - Dol Guldur scene, when we see the Witch King was particularly scary for me - it's like you recognize your old enemy.

I'd love to see Barrow-downs scene form LOTR someday. That would be amazing.

Yes Indis, the Dolguldur scene was pretty scary. Poor Radagast, the look on his face when he realises who is there is great. I was however confused as in the trailer we clearly see Gandalf and I think Thrain in Dolguldur. This must be where the map and key of Erebor Is given to Gandalf. Hopefully we will see this and some other back history in the next film.
The part with smeagol was awesome and cuuuuutttteee! I loved how he had his face on a stone and he was like a kid......teeff? Yessss it's teeff preciousss!,!! I enjoyed it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much that my heart stopped when I heard gollum breathing!

Ha ha. Well Smeagol, I'd like to see your reaction when you meet your future husband. I can only imagine how he will look. Will yu make him get plastic surgery to look like Gollum?

Love Gollum. What a courious, sad and complex character. He truly is one of the best characters ever written and performed. Amazing work from our beloved Professor.

Yes Indis, the Dolguldur scene was pretty scary. Poor Radagast, the look on his face when he realises who is there is great. I was however confused as in the trailer we clearly see Gandalf and I think Thrain in Dolguldur. This must be where the map and key of Erebor Is given to Gandalf. Hopefully we will see this and some other back history in the next film.

Oh, yes, I forgot about the scene form the trailer. I wonder where they put it. Probably second movie. Or it may be added to extended version of the first part.

I also wonder if the Necromancer will speak.

I hope he speaks. I would like to hear what his spirit has to say. I also hope to see more of the Nazgul. Maybe we will see him flee from Gandlalf and or The White Council to his stronghold in Mordor. I wonder if well see Galadrial show her power as mentioned in the appendices of TLOTR. We'll have to wait a year to see.

The scene with Thraduil riding his mount is very cool indeed.  Thranduil is just cool by anyone's standards!  But my favorite scene was the one with the Stone Giants.  I remember telling the girl next to me "NOW THAT IS AWESOME!"  She agreed, lol.

Thank you, Aylee! I loved the stone giant scene. A lot of people seem to hate it, mostly because of the unrealistic fall. But whatever, I thought it was awesome! And I thought it a nice way for PJ to give his own artistic touch without changing the story too much.

Hi all!

for me, I love when the dwarves come in Bilbo´s house and it gets more and more chaotic, Bilbo´s face says everything!

Maybe I feel identified with that, I love to have everything in the right place, organization, etc. I would be crazy with such guests at home!

Can't believe nobody's mentioned the trolls yet! They were brilliantly done, and the scene was just how I'd imagined it in the book.

I also loved seeing the Battle of Azanulbizar, and the brief glimpse of the Necromancer was haunting. It was also awe-inspiring seeing such powerful beings together in the White Council in Rivendell, discussing the matters of the day - truly the 'towers and counsels of the Great'!

Just watched The Hobbit 1 again on download. Again I have to mention The Eagles. I was hoping for the "Don't Pinch!" Moment, but perhaps thankfully The Eagles don't speak, however when one the Eagles grabs Bilbo and throws him up onto his or her's back. It looks up as tho to say something. Again the spectacle of The Eagles scene made me cry. I love it!

Also requiring a mention. Elrond's Chrystal Table. Simply loved it and again the music as the moon is revealed and shines through the waterfall into the block of Chrystal. Wonderful.

Elrond made my heart stop for a split second. And I laughed when bilbo looked at sting....more of a letter opener XD O, durin the deathless......I will not make my husband have surgery to look like gollum...that would be freaky! I'll just make sure he can do a good impression Big Smile Smilie
Mine would be Gollum's cave. Although toned down, I think its the closest to book out of all adaptations.

I loved the Goblin King. He made me laugh out loud, and very few things can make me laugh like that. Also, I thought Gollum's cave was very well done, it was just like what i pictured reading the book, except shorter. I thoroughly enjoyed Radagast the Brown,as well. I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of that film. I went to the theater expecting something... well, not what I got, that's certain. I enjoyed the movie very much, FAR more than I expected to. It was great.

Scrotum beard. Watch How The Hobbit Should Have Ended. GOBLIN KING WITH SCROTUM BEARD. Scrotum beard? SCROTUM BEARD!!!!

What I dont get is whay they included the parts about the white orc, I mean thats not in the hobbit or LOTR.

Billin I personally think it's just to build up Bolg for the later films. They just want the final villain to seem especially evil, so they'll probably have him kill Azog or send him to his death or something like that. We know Bolg will appear eventually, so....


Definitely Dol Guldur and Erebor history scene (especially in 3D). Not to forget The battle of Azunulbizar, that was awesome.

What about the moment before the eagles come to save them all? Thorin full of rage attacks and Bilbo helps him. Brilliant!

As I said Dear Elbereth, my favourite scene. The music, the visuals, I cry every time. I love that The Eagle show brute strength and brutality with the Wargs and Orcs yet total gentleness in picking up Thorin and Co. Also picking up Bilbo and throwing him up onto his or her back. Simply wonderful and glorious.