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So, the new trailer for the Desolation of Smaug is out! What do you all think of it?
I predict the she-Elf is going to suffer a (melo)dramatic death in the third movie.

Watched it twice....

Blue Butterflies!!

Looks darker than part one.  Liked all that I saw except perhaps an Orc attack on Thranduil's Hall, which looks amazingly natural and wooden.

Smaug sounds great!  Deep and Heavy. 

Legolas's voice has broken and Tauriel sounds like Arwen.  I like the Auburn hair.

I feel that Tauriel will serve as a character to connect the audience to the elves, as so far Elrond has been against the dwarves' quest, as Thranduil and Legolas will be from what the trailer has shown. She'll probably help Bilbo with the dwarves' escape, convince Thranduil to go to Erebor, and then (as Vir has said) will die in the Battle of the Five Armies.

That's my prediction at least 

I'm fearing some sappy romance between Tauriel and not-Legolas too.

I think I agree Fornad.

Perhaps the rumors are true and Thorin does become Smitten with Tauriel, who dies trying to protect Thorin at his sad end....

Also, Elves chasing the barrels down the river, shooting arrows from the tree's.....

Love it, love it, love.  It does indeed, look darker than first.  Thranduil is absolutely epic!

Yea Brego when I saw the elves chasing the barrels I got a little worried, but the inclusion of the "white orc" also bothered me so most of the stuff shown in this trailer made me a little perturbed. I'm going into Desolation of Smaug open minded. I have to say I loved the glimpse of Lake Town though.

Hail all.  Im expecting change, so not to be too disappointed.

Other than Smaug's riddles, Im totally looking forward to meeting Beorn, weve seen his giant bear head, now I want to see the man himself.

Well I'm pretty excited about it. There's really no denying it looks pretty inaccurate. But, oh well, I know I'll still love it. I'm a sucker for anything Tolkien related. And Smaug looks so cool.

I really can't wait until December...I want to see Lake City and Beorn!

My first thought was that Tauriel is sooo out of place there. I don't think I'll get used to her, she's not supposed to even exist in this realm. And I'm sure they will find a way to make her important in the story. Smaug looks nice!

I really dont understand all the negativity about Tauriel.  Is it because she's a she? Or is it simply that she is an added character....  Ive forgotten Thranduil's Butlers name in the book, but would it have been better if it was indeed just the Butler, who had a larger role than loosing his keys, which enabled Bilbo to release the Dwarves?  I do believe that if this tiny book was word for word and character to Character there would only be a couple of dozen speaking parts in the film and it would be indeed strange.


I really dont understand all the negativity about Tauriel.  Is it because she's a she? Or is it simply that she is an added character....

For me it is because she is a non-existent character. I don't have any problem with her being a female - in FOTR I liked that Arwen had a bigger role than in the books. But Arwen is a character created by Tolkien, and even if she was a bit 'adjusted' by the filmmakers she had the right to be in the story - it was also her story.

Tauriel is a different matter - I guess it might be a bit harsh here - but if you're name wasn't written by Tolkien himself, you don't exist as a character in his stories. It may seem heavy-handed, but I find it ...we... very logical. The stories are a part of a universe that was well-thought-out and fastidiously described - every event and every creature had its role in the history of the Middle Earth. I think adding completely made up character just because of the lack of female characters/ lack of the love story aspects in this story is a bit ignorant.

True True Indis.

Thranduil's Butler was named Galion.  It was he who oversaw the recycling of the Barrels, wine and other household duties.  So perhaps if Galion has been renamed Tauriel and has an expanded role...

Who knows.  Well have to wait and see.

I don't blame anyone for hating Tauriel. It seems unnecessary in my opinion, but I expected this sort of thing since Two Towers came out.

But hey, for all we know she'll be a short term character and die a dramatic death at the end of DoS. I don't see how her character could ruin the story to the point it's unwatchable though. Now if she were to fall in love with Thorin or Bilbo...that would be too much. But yeah, that won't happen.

So perhaps if Galion has been renamed Tauriel and has an expanded role...

Haha, I think I might like your version better than PJ's version, Brego! indecision

But hey, for all we know she'll be a short term character and die a dramatic death at the end of DoS.

Do we know that? Did I missed something?

Do we know that? Did I missed something?

Nope, hence the "for all we know" segway

Well I also predict that Tauriel is going to die defending Legolas/ Kili in the third movie. However, I don't like the idea. 

I really enjoyed it thought it was fantastic and was certainly better than the first trailer imo. A lot of Legolas and Tauriel who looks like she's going to kick some butt :P and that Orc army i wonder if thats the battle of Dol Guldur? I don't think its BO5A but it could be unless its some other battle either way going to be epic and of course not forgetting seeing the Eye of Sauron which is pretty interesting and also Smaug who sounds really impressive!

Hey folks!

So I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with an American TV show called The Colbert Report. But it's basically a satirical comedy show where host Stephen Colbert interviews guests at the end of every show. I should say Colbert is a HUGE Tolkien fanatic. Probably the only celebrity that actually knows what Sindarin or Olorin mean. He's even spoken Elvish on the show (simple phrases of course).

Last night he had Orlanda Bloom on and, even though he was there to promote some Romeo and Juliet play he was in or something, Colbert of course HAD to slip something in there. He says in the trailer he noticed there might be something going on between him and Evangeline Lily.

Bloom says "we're talking Elven things. So it's a very deep, profound, unspoken thing..."


You can see the interview on Youtube, can't post links so just type The Colbert Report 10/28/13 Orlando Bloom interview    The stuff about The Hobbit starts at about 2:15.

Thanks for posting that Balrogs!  The interviews was fantastic and I loved the snort!  lol.

Glad you enjoyed it! There's another interview from last year with Ian McKellan in it. I don't think he talked much about the Hobbit, but anytime anyone from the films is on he always tries to talk Tolkien.

From what I'm gathering it seems like it'll be more "sexual tension" than an actual relationship or anything. Maybe it'll end up being more like Aragorn and Eowyn in the movies....

It's a good trailer, and I believe it will be an amazing film, BUT I fear that they will again ignore the book.


I'll give them the benefit of the doubt until I see the movie.

I am kind of beginning to get the same impression Balrogs.  There is definitely something there, or a hint to something there. We shall see how it plays it out.  But I would not be a bit surprised to see that you are right in this instance.

I also agree that it looks like an amazing film.  But there will be deviations, we already know that.  In the past some of the deviations of PJ have bothered me more than others.  We shall see how this turns out.

I laughed when balin said bilbos name funny. His name is beiiillllboo 😹 Smaug scares me! It's like Sherlock on steroids! But the whole time I was gasping and jumping in my seat.i can't wait to see it! 😭

I laughed when balin said bilbos name funny. His name is beiiillllboo 😹 Smaug scares me! It's like Sherlock on steroids! But the whole time I was gasping and jumping in my seat.i can't wait to see it! 😭

So  basically he sounds like Khan. 

Greetings all, hope you've been well.

So after more extensive viewing of the trailers, some thoughts have come to mind...

As for the lovey stuff, I don't think it'll be that emphasized. Historically, in 99.999% of movie previews, if there is going to be some sort of love interest, it will be hinted at in the films. Be it a deep gaze, a returned smile, an sexually charged embrace, whatever, it's almost always SOMEWHERE in the trailers....and I'm not seeing much in these.

Sure it's Tolkien and it makes sense they wouldn't advertise it since it isn't in the book, BUT if you're really worried about it, this might be worth considering to...ease your nerves a bit.

Also I know for sure it will be wildly inaccurate. You guys better accept this now or else you're going to be very disappointed. Last time I'll say it, but what works for me is to view them as separate entities that just happen to take place in the same universe. As long as I get to see Middle Earth on the big screen, I'm ok.

Lastly going back to Colbert, I found out PJ recognized his Tolkien enthusiasm and him and his family actually have roles in the movie!!! I thought that was awesome. I'm just really happy to see an actual celebrity that knows a lot about Tolkien.

McKellan, Wood, and Bloom, have all admitted in interviews they don't know a TON about it. They of course know lord of the rings well enough, but when it comes to the Tolkien universe other than that, they are much more limited. Colbert was the middle child of like 7 kids, so he used to read a lot cause attention was spread so thin, and Tolkien was one of his favorites. And I think that's awesome lol...

You're mistaken on Lee not knowing Tolkien stuff besides LOTR. Lee was known to be the only actor in LOTR who reads Tolkien books every year. He was involved in other Tolkien medias. He was the other half of the Christophers that was the narrator to the audiobook The Children of Hurin. And last, he was the only person in LOTR trilogy to have actually met JRR Tolkien.

You're right, I don't know why I thought Lee. I swear I knew that too lol. Good call, I'll take it out to avoid confusion.

i am the best christopher lee voice ever.And gandalf too.

First impressions...I LOVED it. So epic. Seeing it again on Saturday, we'll see how that goes.



Now I don't want to say too much, but I think saying this will be ok...


Purists, stay far, far, far away.

I had a fried go and watch it in an IMAX in London today, he claims that it is far better than the first film. 

Seen it, loved it