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This topic is both movie and books, not really sure where to put it. So with the soon to be release extended edition, what's people's opinions? First part of the discussion: Is it to make the movie better or a money making scheme? Second part of the discussion: How is it any different from what CT was doing with JRRT's works? (Make the story better or money making scheme?)

Good Afternoon PT peeps!  Hi Glorfindel.  I personally believe that it is a little of both.  I know that I will buy it.  I thought the extended edition of Lord of the Rings trilogy was worth the money.  I am hoping that this will be too.  I don't mind paying for something as long as it is of quality. 

I bought all of the books of the Middle Earth series.  Regardless of the reasons for their release, I thought they were worth both my time and money. 

This being said, I do understand how people could be offended if these are purely money-making schemes.  There is something very insincere about a money grab over such amazing works of literature.  It is a little sad as well.  It is kind of funny, if this be the case and this is for the sole purpose of money and pride, it kind of goes against everything that Tolkien's books stood for.  Especially when you consider pride and greed being the downfall of so many Middle Earth characters.

Well tbh just like LOTR I think a lot of the scenes were cut out for the sake of time. It's stuff that PJ wanted to show but wasn't able to. Heck at 2:49 people were already complaining it was too long (which I think is BS and people just looking for something to complain about). So I don't think it's a money making "scheme" so to speak. That would imply he purposely left those scenes out so he could add them into something later and make some more $$. He already has enough to live for 10 generations from LOTR and he's really not a corrupt greedy director like other certain successful fantasy directors *coughLucascough*. At least not from what I've read, listened to in commentaries, or heard from fans who met him. Keep in mind for 10 years he said he didn't want to direct a movie version of The Hobbit. He tried and tried and tried to find someone else. But after demand grew high enough, he gave in.

So I'll probably pick it up. But possibly not OFFICIALLY until all 3 are released together. I'm sure I'll find a way to see them before then though...

Balrogs is probably right on this.  I do remember the complaints of the length of LOTR.  Imagine if he would have released the extended edition?  I am very glad that he did.  I have also read criticism that CT just gathered everything he could find that his father had written on Middle Earth and released it to make more money.  I really don't know if that is the case or not, but I am glad that he released this as well.  One of my favorite pieces is "Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth: in Morgoth's Ring.  It would have been a shame not to have had the opportunity to read it.

Rayner Unwin recalls that when Christopher Tolkien first proposed The History of Middle-Earth to George Allen and Unwin [publishers] they talked of four volumes, and were confident of sufficient sales to meet costs, but did not expect it to be commercially rewarding [source: Hammond and Scull].

'That it would be rewarding in other ways has now become self-evident. Not four but twelve volumes have appeared at regular annual intervals. I cannot now remember how we drifted beyond the four that the contract originally laid down. It didn't really matter; we trusted each other, and to my surprise reprints and paperback editions were called for...'

Rayner Unwin

I consider the amazing amount of scholarly work that went into these volumes, without expectation of significant financial reward [meeting costs is hardly great incentive in the context of cash].

In any case the Tolkien Estate was not lacking in funds. The Lord of the Rings had already taken off in the United States for example, and somewhat strangely perhaps, the Ace Books fiasco had ultimately helped Tolkien's cause. 

It definitely made the movies better seeing more pieces of the movie but maybe they also used it for money ??

I thik one of the reasons pj didn't want to do another tolkien movie was beccouse he knew that he would either hve to relise an extended edition or not. if he did then these conversations would appear and people would think less of him and if he didn't people would say that he was to lazy to make an extended edition. on a side note. i think he did the extended edition to please fans and also to make money, as that would be the most sensible thing to do.

Well I for one cannot wait. Even though a lot of what we see in the films is PJs idea of Middle Earth. I truly find experiencing a visual spectacle, both action and the quiet moments fill my heart with joy . It has to be said that even if you dont like where PJ goes with the script, I think he and team team totally nail the visual and audial feeling of the breadth and depth of Middle Earth.

I saw an extended scene in a promo for the new release where Elrond has a wonderful discussion with a rather overwhelmed Bilbo.... Beautiful, quiet and sweet.

Cant wait.

You know Brego, your thoughts are so beautifully expressed.  I agree with you 100%.  I believe that PJ nails both the audio and visual aspects of the films as well.  I also think that they are perfectly cast.  I am very excited for the extended release. 

Just received my deluxe limited edition via Amazon....  Im probably the one of the first in Aus and my friends came over for a viewing. Some had'nt seen the film at all, but all loved it.  They mostly aren't fans of JRRT but all had seen TLOTR. Each was amazed that PJ managed to adultify the Hobbit story to fit into the LOTR universe. As they all remember the childrens book from primary school, most thought PJ couldnt do it.

There are some wonderful little additions and many hours of art and making of stuff.  Loving it. Wish I could share.

Best bit for me..... Filming Sir Saruman and Bilbo in London... Beautiful people and now so old.  They love Tolkien and it shows. And The Goblin Kings song, straight from the book I may add.

Wonderful addition to mu JRRT collection.

PS, PJ talks about the Appendices and the Sil in the making of.......

They should've given the part of smaug to Christopher Lee. I read somewhere he always wanted to voice a dragon. Atleast he got to voiced the jaberwocky.
Spoiler alert.

Also a small and beautuful scene between Elrond and Bilbo. They are standing in a balcony and can hear the Elves misbehaving in the background. Its here that Elrond realises that Bilbo and or Hobbits themselves are a special and important part of ME. Also Kili (or is it Fili) winks at an Elf only to be told that the Elf is not actually a maiden. Lots of Dwarf humours. More White council and much more Goblin stuff.

The extra scenes fit very naturally into the film as a whole.

We also see more of the Prologue scene basically stating that Thrain and Thranduil may have had outstanding contracts via payment of some sort and the greed building within the Dwarven Kings driven by the Dwarves Rings.