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After seeing the clips from Hobbit 2, it seems that PJ is setting up for a "greed"theme. First film made Thorin's quest seems like it was a noble one. The Hobbit 2 has him saying the wealth will be shared with the people of lake town. You can say it's generosity or lying just to have support of his quest. In the Third film, I think the greed will come in. The "sickness" will spread from Thror to Thorin. It shows that "treasure" can turn a person into someone he is not.

In the book thorin becomes grouchy over shiny pieces of treasurecheeky

I think that greed is the dwarves biggest problem. Sourons rings exacerbated and complement traits that people already have, generally traits that will end up helping him. The nine rings for men, in my opinion, greatly enhanced the fear that men have. Especially the fear of death. I think this means that the nine were probably very afraid of dying, and it would also explain why everyone is so scared of them. (even more than them being a bunch of huge guys in full plate armor who hiss a lot). The seven rings of the dwarf lords, however, probably enhanced greed the most. This shows that dwarves are in fact greedy. In the Hobbit the 13 dwarves were pissed off when the elves and men wanted the treasure, and Thorin was very unreasonable. It was the reason that the dwarves of the iron hills were summoned. It plays a very crucial role in the book and I think making it an important factor in the movie is the right choice.

Spot on Curufinwe. Tolkien states that the Dwarve's were hard to break, for Sauron. However the Rings given to the Dwarf Lords enhanced their greed for gold, riches and power.

PJ is obviously using this thread as license to inject Greed Sickness as a motivator for the Dwarves and the tension between the Dwarves of Erebor and Thranduil's Kingdom

I thought how they portrayed/ portraying greed through Thorn is a good addition. It makes it more important how he gradually change throughout the films.

In the book, smaug is an enemy from the beginning, and most of the book is about the journey. However, a super long journey makes for a bad movie. It is true that they have a lot of adventures along the way but the movie needs a single enemy to hate the whole way through. That's why pj invented azog. Unfortunately for him, in part two there are no goblins. So he switches the conflict from thorin vs azog to something that thorin has within himself. Greed. I think this is going to make for a movie that is far from the book, since part two is the part that is the most about the dragon. I think the end result is going to be that the movie is more about thorin shouting about his claim to the gold, and less about bilbo and his transformation. I think that if the movies stayed just a little bit closer to the book they would end up being better. For example, when he includes the gandalf vs souron/soromon subplot I think it is just distracting from the main growth of bilbo.

"greed,greed,the magic thing,the more you take the more you will want1"

They actually did it very well in the movie. It was not over emphasized like I thought it would be, instead of having that be the main conflict they had excessively long chase/fight scenes and a Gandalf subplot that was more than what happened in the book. See the movie when you can it was better than the first, at least in my opinion.

Cant wait Curufinwe. Doesnt come out until Boxing Day in Aus..... avoiding as much as possible at the moment...

your Australian,that's so cool!

Smaug is the looking dragon in movies to date. He moves realistically too.

sorry, I guess it would come out in America first. Is boxing day Christmas eve? I remember in Tolkiens Christmas letters Santa referred to a boxing day and I am pretty sure it was either the 23 or 24. tell me when you see it.