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Hello all, First of all I have to say I enjoyed PJ's version(s) of The Hobbit. A lot of changes to Tolkien's storyline turn out well (in my opinion). But I've been wondering: - Who is Elros in Mirkwood? I doubt it's THE Elros (the First King of Numenor, Second Age), brother of Elrond. It's very confusing since Elros choose to be mortal, so there is really no way he still lives in the 3th Age. Does anyone have a clue? Thanks, Fingon.

since Elrond is part noldo and sindar,and edain,Elros his brother would be also.Noldo do not live in mirkwood,they only live in rivendell mithlond and lothlorien.

Haven't seen the film yet Highkingfingon, but someone who has seen it described this Elros as...

'... the guard with the keys. He gets drunk. That's pretty much it.'

If so sounds like they just borrowed the name Elros here.

that would be hilarious to see a drunk elfsmiley

Lol well technically you see one is DoS, if not just passed out on a table as Bilbo sneaks the dwarves out.

Silvan elves are just weak drinkers. Look at Legolas in ROTK, he drunk a lot. That's why the Sindar elves are the rulers and the Silvan elves are the subjects. smiley